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wealth gap 2

the eye of a needle


Globally, a few persons possess assets worth billions of dollars (U.S.), while billions of their fellow humans are struggling, at best. It’s outrageous. No human being is worth that much, or worth that much more than other humans; but it’s just a matter of chance compounded by errors, and errors compounded by chance. Sometimes criminality.

(And what about billionaires in China? How embarrassing. But I guess everybody must have their share, as a matter of national pride.)

I had the honor of visiting a family in the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador. Very nice people. They lived on a good platform on stilts, with a roof and a few walls. They had some clothes, not many. They appeared to have an adequate quantity of food, somewhat nourishing, little variety. They worked hard and treated each other well. They wanted more comfort and hope of improvement.

Chevron had gotten an oil exploration concession, in exchange for building a school in the area and putting up communication towers. After a lot of polluting they had not found oil and moved out. The local people cannot afford teachers or building maintenance, and they are not allowed to use the communications infrastructure.

I take it that a consensus is growing that a large mal-distribution of wealth seriously damages a country’s economy and politics.

But what interests me here is whether possession of hugely disproportionate wealth is, in itself, immoral.

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