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social justice 3

Nature Is Nurture

“This is your brain on fear.” – George W. Bush (attrib.)
“This is your brain on science.” – Thomas Jefferson  (attrib.) 
“Love, and do as you please.” – Augustine

Love is Survival (and, imho, the brain is the mind / mind is the brain).   Nature is nurture: (mother) nature has been nurturing us for some millions of years; and nurture is the natural human behavior.

Basic knowledge of the structure and functioning of the brain helps understand both the predators in our society and their prey, and helps envision what can be done to decrease the amount of predation and increase the amount of well-being.

Here will be information and ideas from two books by Louis Cozolino, The Neuroscience of Human Relationships (2006) and The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy:  Healing the Social Brain (2nd edition, 2010), related to the books on the previous and following pages by Sandel, Harris, and Hillman.  Topics will include the way the human brain functions, the brain’s plasticity, parenting, attachment and social motivation, fear, stress, pathologies, change, contextualization, empathy, and the roles of story and history.  Implications for the Resistance against the XtremeRich, near and long term.*

An important caution:  we have to keep in mind (as Cozolino always does) that although I state these ideas generally, in fact they are reports, or are based upon reports, of findings from one or more studies, not final conclusions and set generalizations, and that they represent only current knowledge or understanding, in a science that is rapidly advancing.

[for starters, coming soon:  a bit on the building of the brain, past and present, and how the brain works; and on fear, anxiety, stress]

*Psychology is important to a successful Resistance because “its all psychological”—out there and in here, and especially at the extremes. The more extreme someone becomes, about anything, the more his extremism is a symptom of how psychological the thing is for him. At the Xtreme, it’s pathology.  For instance, recently I’ve talked with some of the young white male Libertarians (what other kind is there?) with the Obama/Hitler posters.  I tried especially to get a particular one to understand how pained I am by that poster, and how ignorant and dishonest I think it is.  But his response was, hey, it’s politics.  It appeared as though my pain meant nothing to him.  He wanted to talk and talk, like the animus beating down the anima, no matter my pain, believing that if the argument continued I was sure to go down in humiliating defeat before his logic (at any rate, that was my sense of him, and others I’ve talked with).  He countered everything I said with a falsehood of one kind or another.  It was all a scam to get me to realize that I want to vote for his candidate.  But I understand that he thrives on his sense of self-righteous superiority.  He appeared psychologically incapable of admitting to the possibility that he might be wrong or destructive.  There’s too much at stake for him—in him.  The result is that he is incapable of perceiving the difference between honesty and lying, truth and falsehood, and realizing the danger that falsification poses for human well-being.  For him the end justifies the means, because he is the end and he dare not perceive the truth about his means.

And btw, that’s not an image of Obama with a Hitler mustache, it’s an image of Hitler with brown skin (and big ears).  Think of the psychological implications of that!  It’s their worst (unconscious) nightmare.  Hey, LaRouchePac guy, did you hear that Hitler’s mama was a Jew?

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