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How long has this been going on?

The point being that the lives of millions of Americans are being damaged by the selfish and sometimes criminal actions of a very few persons with extreme wealth and power, aided by a major political party, and we must therefore band together in resistance and civil self-defense, to achieve a sane and healthy society.

We can’t talk seriously about social problems and justice in America, without talking about race.  I’ll share some opinions about that.

One:  we struck a real blow against racism by electing a black President; but it wasn’t close to being a knockout blow.  The “backlash,” the lash on the back of us all, is in full force, and we must strike again by re-electing Obama.

“Don’t Re-Nig”

Two:  It seems to me that evil is the knowing satisfaction of the ego at the extreme expense of a person (or persons).  Its type is cannibalism, when food is plentiful.  The perpetrator seeks to devour the soul of its victim, believing that thereby it will enlarge its own power.   The longer the victim can live, in service to the perp, the better for the feeder; but ultimately, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, the successful fancied transfer of soul must take the form of the victim’s death.  However, given the disapproval of evil and the taboo against cannibalism, the perp must see his victim as either less than human or as such an inferior, distorted example of humanity that it makes a mockery of all that is good, and deserves to be used and exterminated.

In America, the god that is present in this taboo is Satan, god of self-aggrandizement, perpetual failure, punishment (self-loathing, self-flagellation), self-deception—projection, and fear.

A major form taken by evil is racism.  The conversation begins with, for instance, the Puritan massacre of the Pequots (a tribe of the local residents of this continent who were in the way, and whose vicious murder was justified by the Puritans by imagining them to be devils—“red” like The Devil himself—who were preventing the establishment of God’s Kingdom in the New World), and would proceed to the recent lynching of Trayvon Martin, justified in his murderer’s imagination by his being scary, because he was “black”—like The Devil himself.

Thus our nation devours itself; it poisons itself and eats its poisonous self.

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