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The Wealth of Persons

This struggle is about power.  Power to affect lives, for the better or for the worse.

The principle of democracy must be that the smallest local unit knows best what is its best interest, and is empowered to pursue that interest.  Every person must be so empowered.

Likewise, because wealth is power in an “ownership society” such as ours, the smallest local unit must be empowered with adequate wealth to meet its local needs, choosing as to whose hand it next places some of its money/power in.

For money to be currency, it must be streaming, in rivers from which millions of trees and bushes and buttercups take up their water.  No concrete bunker banks.  If a reservoir is needed, it must be locally owned and operated.

Alas:  Corporate profits are up but the money isn’t flowing to American workers. The ratio of profits to wages is the highest on record – since the government began keeping track in 1947. (Reich, Christian Science Monitor 3/9/12)  How America’s Richest Companies Invest Their Cash (24/7 Wall St 3/6/12)

[more to come]

LBJ’s signature on Voting Rights Act 1964

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