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On the Absolute Necessity of Nonviolence

The point being that the lives of millions of Americans are being damaged by the selfish and sometimes criminal actions of a very few persons with extreme wealth and power, aided by a major political party, and we must therefore band together in resistance and civil self-defense, to achieve a sane and healthy society.

There will be violence, if we are being successful, because agents of violence, legal and illegal, controlled and funded by the 1%, can and will bring overwhelming physical power to bear, unrestrained by considerations of morality or law, and then a judicial apparatus that very often will “rule” against resisters and against the 99%. Furthermore they largely control the media. The only way of countering and defeating such a massive array of financial, organizational, institutional, and corporate media power is to marshal the resistance of a very large number of aggrieved people.

But in order to be effective, to achieve our goals of redistribution of wealth and power, by democratic means, the Occupation must be totally nonviolent. The American people of good will—and they are the vast majority—must be moved, by the example of nonviolent fellow persons and countrymen, to reflect, as persons themselves, upon their own thoughts, positions, and actions, with regard to the problems that the nonviolent resisters identify and resist.

A large enough number of people can be drawn to enlist in a resistance movement only by nonviolent means: by raising their consciousness of the facts of their plight, clarifying an alternative vision and goals, exposing the corruption and soullessness of their violent exploiters, explaining the potential efficacy of the resistance and defining effective actions for them to take, bolstering their courage, and supporting them when they are physically assaulted and/or jailed.

Violence is a loss of compassion, and does violence to compassion. People of good will tend to turn away from it. In America, from the time of, for instance, the Quaker John Woolman (1720-1772), through Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and other leaders of the Civil Rights movement, to the statement, today, by Rev. Al Sharpton (a veteran of that movement) about the case of Trayvon Martin, that it’s all about love—“love of justice and love for the victims of injustice,” we have known that love is the value-base of social justice.

In the name of Love, and for our vision of a better America, we must set a 100% example of nonviolence. We do not tolerate violence—physical, financial, psychological, violence in any form, by anybody. We do not tolerate violence against women. We do not tolerate violence against children. We do not tolerate violence against minorities. We do not tolerate violence against the weak. We do not tolerate violence against Republicans, or even the 1%.

Furthermore, a major feature of violence is that it produces fear. Fear is a key to the success of Conservative (reactionary) politics. Just think of the culture of the Old South and the Republican “Southern Strategy,” and the effects of fear in families, and schools, and churches that feature corporal punishment (and, hey, rigid hierarchy). If we indulge ourselves in violence, we will be feeding the 1% and Republicans who want to control American society.

If we allow violence to be considered justifiable, we will be crushed (by the violently delusional self-justifying).

And btw, violence is immoral—always immoral; it is one person hurting another. There are circumstances in which we find ourselves in a dilemma, judging it necessary to use violence to stop violence. In such a situation, many of us would consider ourselves to be justified in being violent, in hurting another person—but our action would still be immoral. Legalized immorality. That would be self-defense (or defense of someone who is deeply threatened)—individual or in armed revolt or war. We must not get confused and think that the occupation is one of those situations. Especially during a public, mass action, even granting that a police officer or private citizen may well injure (or even kill—it has happened) someone, protestors must be willing to compromise means of defense, and use only those nonviolent means that absorb the power of the violent. That is why protestors are taught those nonviolent methods and are asked to vow not to use any others.

Go limp! Absorb power, turn it against itself and transform it. This is not fantasy; we must be flesh-and-blood transformers.

If you can’t be totally nonviolent, forget it. Don’t get involved. You’ll just muck things up. People who are violent are not with us. Often they have their own, pathological agendas, and their goal is not the well-being of the 99%. Or they are deeply confused about the nature of the reality in which they find themselves.

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