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MHO in a nutshell

Choose for Yourself

1.  This is urgent.  IMHO this is an extraordinary moment in our national history, in which our democracy and the well-being of millions of our citizens are at stake.

2.  The damage is being done by a relatively few, self-centered persons, who have accumulated extraordinary wealth and power by taking it from everyone else.  They are using their wealth and power to make fundamental changes in American society, that will establish a permanent, plutocratic aristocracy.

3.  Their influence can only be countered by a massive movement of popular resistance, that achieves a more just and beneficial distribution of wealth and power.

4.  This resistance must be totally nonviolent.

5.  This movement must (a) clarify immediate needs, (b) provide a critique of the dangerous few, (c) provide a vision of a better society. . .

6.  . . . and (d) identify and organize actions to be taken.

7.  The critique must (a) emphasize the moral (and sometimes criminal) responsibility of persons, and must (b) identify the destructive aspects of corporations, proto-fascist gangs such as the Koch Bros., and the Republican Party, which those persons use as weapons, and (c) identify aspects of the larger economic and political systems that encourage abuse.

8.  The vision must be of truth and value, and a better way of life.

9.  We must replace money-based values with soul-based values.

10.  IMHO the basis of truth and value is soul, and a worthy image of a better life is anarchy (which I am imagining, not as no government, but as democratic governance without hierarchy).

I am not an expert on any of the topics on these pages, except the literary arts; but I have read and thought and acted regarding these topics for decades.  I am expressing my opinions now because I think that we live in such a crucial time in the life of our country that we must all be thinking, sharing our thoughts, and taking action.

There are many outstanding experts on matters such as economics, politics, and social action who are involved in this effort.  Just one example:  explore this site.

It looks to me as though the 99%Occupy movement has already achieved a significant shift in American political debate, and I hope that with the coming Spring, and long thereafter, it can produce a major shift in the balance of wealth and power, push politicians to meet the immediate needs of the millions of Americans who are desperate, and advance us toward the goal of a much saner America.

Please be involved.

“Which Side Are You On” a new song by Jackson Browne (here singing in Zucotti Park)

“Which Side Are You On”  United Mine Workers organizing song, 1937, sung by Pete Seeger

“I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night”  sung by Joan Baez at Woodstock

“Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream”  sung by Pete Seeger

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