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The point being that the lives of millions of Americans are being damaged by the selfish and sometimes criminal actions of a very few persons with extreme wealth and power, aided by a major political party, and we must therefore band together in resistance and civil self-defense, to achieve a sane and healthy society.

Here’s a beginning of My Humble Opinion about capitalism.

Are there really people who think that “greed is good”?  We have thousands of years of experience showing otherwise.

Is there really any reason to think that we can’t do better than we’re doing right now?  That’s what well-off people in Western Europe thought in 1912.  How’d that work out for them?  Furthermore, even if capitalism were the best in our current circumstances, what happens when circumstances significantly change, as they will?

There’s a saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Maybe with capitalism today it’s doing the same thing and expecting the same result.  We’re getting a different result now, and it’s not a good one.

Yet we’re not supposed to think critically about capitalism.  When something is taboo it’s because a “god” is present, making it sacred and inviolable—a god whom we worship, fear and obey.   It seems as though the god that is present in contemporary capitalism is Pluto, as a god of wealth, and a god of the underworld, ruler of the dead.  Ruler of our ascendant Plutocracy.

Aspects of life are not pure, they are mixtures of good and bad.  Some are more bad than good.  IMHO one of those is capitalism.

Capitalism is a scam.  We all participate in it, allowing ourselves to be conned, and even conning ourselves.  We’re too lazy or too scared or too greedy to try to put in place a better way.

The problem with capitalism is obvious:  it is fundamentally a system of inequality; and furthermore, in the hands of the powerfully ignorant and uncaring, it uses inequality to promote domination and exploitation.  It rewards predation.

If people adopt this kind of system, they must at least protect themselves against its inherent bad, by thoroughly controlling the behavior of the capitalists.  Controls must be put in place that prevent the predators from gaining so much wealth and power that they cannot be fought off.

And we must free ourselves from political thought-control by allowing ourselves to think freely about systems that promote equality—of justice, opportunity, and reward commensurate with contribution—based on our belief in the self-evident truth of the equal value of all souls, all persons.

One way of controlling the predators and freeing ourselves to both think and do better is to identify and puncture the Fantasies of the Rich and Predatory.

The fantasy, “free enterprise,” is a dream in which owners are free to do whatever they want (and to do nothing that they don’t want), and workers are free to work for nothing or go elsewhere.

Yes, even in free enterprise there is work that has to be done and somebody has to be working.  If the dream came true, however, the value of goods would collapse, because  nobody could buy them.  So there have to be some, minimal, wages.  Even slaves cost their owners something (e.g. the cost of some food) especially once the slave trade was ended and the owners could no longer simply work people to death and replace them with more people from Africa.  So the solution is to pay as little as possible for labor.  But then the value of life collapses, in the eyes of the owners, as it did with slavery.  Where labor is cheap, life is cheap—because the owners don’t have to care about it.

The fantasy, “It’s God’s will.”  By the early 1700s, in Massachusetts, the Prospering Puritans, believing that they were God’s Chosen People and that He would establish his millennial Kingdom among them, any day now, had figured out the divine blessing of wealth.  After all, who were the wealthy?  God’s Chosen Few.  What could make more sense?  Poor people, most people, were Not God’s Chosen.  No wonder they had not prospered.  They had only themselves to blame.  The Puritans believed, furthermore, that humans are inherently evil, and thus must be controlled (protected from themselves) by strong leadership—by the Few whom God had chosen to redeem.

The fantasy, “They’re not really human.”   (more to come)

The fantasy, “It’s only natural.”  (more to come)

The fantasy of the Creator Gods.  (more to come)

The point about fantasy is that it is an imagination of life.  It is a story about what life is like.  Some stories are factual, some are fictional.  Sanity requires an ability to know which is which.  But a man who is heavily self-invested in a story that is fictional can convince himself that it is factual.  Again a major example from our history is the Big Lie that Mark Twain exposed in Huck Finn, believed by the slave owners, that slaves are not persons.  Ultimately, people who deceive themselves so powerfully are unable to know the difference between life and death, and to understand what difference that makes.

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