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20/20 What's At Stake?

This year could “see” the beginning of a “political revolution”, or a catastrophe for democracy and America. I doubt we’ll simply return to status quo ante. What’s at stake?  

From the McConnell-Republican politician point of view: a job, and one that gives them the personal power, status, privilege, opportunity for wealth, and belief in their own worth that makes life meaningful for people like them. Their steadfast voters are a shrinking minority. If they can’t cheat and steal elections, they will lose what makes life worth living. Keeping power in a democracy is expensive, and Rs have made it moreso. It is especially expensive if a party must steal the electoral victory. That money comes to the R Party from the rich, especially the very rich, by whom the RP is owned and whom it lives to serve. If they don’t win, they don’t get the dough. Forced retirement.

From the 1% point of view: ownership of $$trillions by, relatively, a handful of individuals (who place their personal, private satisfaction high above the wellbeing of humanity), plus control and use for their private profit of an enormous financial asset, the world’s richest and most powerful nation.  A major means to that end is control and use of the government of that nation for personal and corporate gain (i.e. fascism).  The major tool for that control is domination of the public sphere by a single, fascist, political party, which they own.  Domination is achieved and maintained by that party by any means necessary, including perversion of the institutions of governance for the obliteration of truth and justice and the nullification of electoral, representative government. And cruelty. (If you are not thinking on this level, you ain’t got serious.  You’re like an office picnic athlete playing in McConnell’s professional league.)

From the Trompf point of view, continuing self-aggrandizement and avoidance of prison.

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Trompf from Here on Out (13)

1-26-20 Republican Senators simply are not going to remove Trompf from office.  They would remove a Dem, but they would not remove Herr Satan if he were a Repub (which, of course, he would be.  Not only is Trompf one of their own, but a R would thus be the first president ever to be removed from office.  For that reason, even R senators who have no other reason to vote against removal will do so.  Even if they prefer Pence they will not remove Herr Trompf.

And even if their constituency is solidly red they will not do it.  Even if, like Senator Collins, they are surely going down to defeat in November, no matter how they vote, they will not do it.  Even if Trompf shoots someone in the middle of Fifth Ave, they will not do it. It goes against their core identity, and they would be ostracized by Rs for the rest of life.  They will find a way to excuse themselves from duty. Not gonna do it.

1-4-20 Well it wasn’t Fifth Ave, it was just the highway near the Baghdad airport, by impersonal ambush in the night.  Trompf shows he can assassinate a leading member of the government and military of a sovereign nation, outside the capital of another sovereign nation whose government has invited his visit, and not lose a single supporter.  He’ll just lose our allies and the world’s respect and trust.  Now he threatens to commit war crimes, by destroying 50+ targets including world heritage cultural sites.  Clearly he jumped to this decision to distract from impeachment and get re-elected as a wartime president.  He can feel, and pretend to be, invincibly unaccountable, the law unto himself.  I suspect he’s now a shark who tastes the blood of a victim.  “This way madness lies.” We’re in a state of smoldering war with Iran.

1-1-2020 Be it hereby resolved: Fkkkm.

[I’ll fill in a bit btween the last entry of THO (12) and today.]

The Shearing of Hair Trompf (60)

The MF is Impeached! High Crimes and Misdemeanors, baby. Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. And that’s putting it mildly.

Later: I’ve reread the first several pages of this episode. O my. I think the main thing that strikes me is that this narration was, back then, an early example of my being very mistaken about something crucial (akin to the many times that I’ve declared Trompf to be pain grillé). The big point is that I’ve been on the right track in my analysis based on history and logic, but way off in not realizing how completely anti-democracy, self-serving, power-hungry, corrupt, and frightened, angry, and hate-filled the Republican politicians are, and their voters along with them. Every time I’ve been wrong about the power dynamics, my mistake has been a revelation of how awful they all are.

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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (59)

12-10-19 The Articles of Impeachment. With annotation by Bump (WaPo).

12-11-19 The Rs have been conducting a rolling coup against our Constitutional, democratic concept and structure of governance since at least the early ‘50s with the John Birch Society and Joe McCarthy. I’m thinking that the Big Play that they are making now, including but not exclusively resistance to impeachment, is designed to put in place the “permanent majority” that they have been talking about since 2010—a single-party (R) democracy with an all-powerful (R) Executive, with a fascist monopoly on the use of governmental powers, in the service of private wealth.  After all, why should any successful international businessman today believe that some radical farmers, tradesmen, and small businessmen in the late 1700s knew what form of government would always be best.  Even then, democracy was anathema to many citizens of the new nation.  And now David Koch has died.  How much longer can Charles hang on to see the Promised Land?  Bill Barr is getting up there; this is probably his last chance “to vest [all] that power in a single person.”

Understanding Trompf Voters (2)

White Fundamentalist Christian Supremacists [below is barely a start, but I want to get this page going]

With this group of Trompf voters (perhaps 25% of the 2016 electorate) we come face to face with a profound (indeed deeper even than fundamental) American political question:  how can a voter (and a cohesive Christian community of voters) who worships one of history’s most important teachers of unconditional love and selfless, compassionate action, indeed one who is identified by that worshipful voter (and community) as one of the integral personages that manifest the nature of God, Himself, vote to make an evil person (along with his enabling political party) the most powerful individual on earth?  How can such a person vote to empower that evil?

Is it just all too tempting? The devil stands with a WFCS on the edge of a high cliff overlooking the world, and the devil says, holding out his hand like Huck’s Pap to Judge Thatcher, “If you really believe that Jesus will save you, hold my hand and we’ll jump.”

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Just Being in Larks!

What can I say?

Earth, fire, water, air.  Each becomes the others.

Every animal eats and provides itself as food (to each according to its needs, from each according to its ability).

Everyone is nourished, everyone nourishes.

The first principle of living in Larks! is just being.  The first principle of governance is just living.  “No action is taken and everything gets done” (TTC).  As Thoreau put it, “That government is best that governs least.”  It’s just neighborly.  The first principle of organization is just to say hello, how are you?  The first principle of building is to put things together, together. The first principle of writing is “le mot juste” but any word can do.

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What Is Zen?


I ask because at this moment we need all the laughs we can get.

Even Bernie needs more laughter. His recent cardiovascular experience holds potential for that, and in fact he has appeared to be more free and light-hearted. Punning is good. So is his sense of irony.