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America Defeated by AmeriKa

It’s an old story. We tried to tell a new one. A Woman President. But, “ripeness is all,” to quote the Bard. AmeriKa was ripe to administer a backlash, and Trump knew it.

He cast himself in the role of The Great White Hope.

I’m still in shock, but I’m trying to write my way out of it. For starters:

The Republican Party is now the Democratic Party, before 1964—but with a deep dark twist.

I’ll be very surprised if, come mid-January, we aren’t living in a proto-fascist state, moving into entente with fascist Russia. That will serve the interests of the intern’l megamonied. I don’t think this is politics as usual, it’s politics of the even more so.

Today’s Republican Party and T are a polluted confluence of all of the psycho-pathologies of our democracy (e.g. classism, sexism, racism, xenophobia, addiction to wealth, propensity to violence, fundamentalism, authoritarianism—I’m forgetting something). That’s what we have come to. With the Right electoral Leader, a billion in Dark Money, control of key state governments (thanks to the Koch Bros) for voter suppression, and the FBI, voilà, we have proto-fascist control of all branches of the central government, with an unindicted criminal and fascist trickster as its CEO.

There’s also a motif in this morning’s story about the American people wanting change. No doubt that is part of the moment, and one which the Dems could not seize on. But the Ds were offering change, just not the reactionary changes that the psychos want. “Carry me back to ol’ Virginy.” Now the Rs will have an opportunity to make their changes. Heaven help us.

I don’t know that any D ticket could have stopped Trump (to indulge myself in a moment of fantasy, maybe Bernie-Warren maybe). It’s my impression that the Ds ran a very good campaign; and yet Dem turnout was below Obama levels, so they still could not put together a lead that was big enough to prevent the Rs from stealing the election (see below). They lacked, for instance, the ability to say, flat-out, things like, “TPP is a disastrous mistake and I will stop it in its tracks (or at least seriously modify it);” and “the filthy rich are corrupting our politics and government, and I will put a stop to that. . .I realize that there must not be even an appearance of possible conflict of interest (unless one is a Republican), so my family and I are severing all ties to the Clinton Foundation;” or “I am not a part of the Washington Establishment and I will wring its neck.”

They could not even go into white working class small towns and say, convincingly, “I see how your economy has collapsed; I didn’t think it would but it did, and I feel your pain; I will do everything I can to make you whole.”

But, again, I doubt that that would have sufficiently muted the racist, sexist, nostalgic resentment, rage, and vengeful mob/community mentality that Trump incited.

Jobs would have muted the resentment. Obama tried to bring jobs and a redistribution of wealth (not the best way of putting it, for that audience), but the Rs wisely blocked his efforts. They’re smart that way, and they’re patient and persistent; they know they’re people and how to inspire them, and they’ve gotten what they wanted.

And look at this: only a small majority of women voted H, and only a minority of white women.

And this: Hillary won the national popular vote by 203,000 votes (as of today, and that # will grow). Trump got 279 electoral college votes, with 270 needed to win. Two states with right-wing R govs, NC (15 EC votes) and WI (10 EC votes), are notorious for recent suppression of Dem voter populations (which helps account for the low Dem “turnout”). If H won either one, she would become President.

NC T 51 – H 47 (J 3) T wins by 177,000 out of approx 4.5 mil.

WI T 48 – H 47 (J 4) T wins by 27,000 out of 2.9 mil. Stein: 31,000

Also, MI 16 EC. T wins by 12K over H; Stein 50K

Here’s an idea about the Electoral College.

And that Green vote in WI and MI!  As daughter K points out, the Green vote elected a horrendously anti-environment president.

And now it turns out, not surprisingly, that the Rs were, indeed, in touch with the Russians. Given T’s team, it was so obvious, all along, that there was a solid there, there. I’d say the Ukraine is in trouble, and so are the Baltic states. Russia wants them; Trump will oblige. What will T get in return? What will AmeriKa get?

The Ds will now be the Opposition Party (including trying to defend the advances made under Obama). I think it must build on its voter turnout, its coalition, and its local victories, to function as a coordinated, growing national opposition (overwhelming majority—it’s already an underwhelming majority, with a solid majority of approval of its positions on major issues).

Our vision is healthy and profound. Our opposition must be fierce, strategically focused, constructive, inclusively healing, and proud.

But the Ds must become a Progressive party, under new and newer leadership. We must begin by replacing the Clintonite, Republican-lite, vision of politics in the Dem party. It should not have been adopted in the first place. The Democrats should have fought the Reaganites tooth and nail, by standing up for the interests of the working class, regardless of gender or color—and that should have been a major part of the vision and message. It should not have abandoned the Rustbelt to economic decay.

State Dem parties must be strengthened, to communicate with local people about their interests, and to fight the Koch Bros.

By 2016 it was obvious that a Clintonite Dem Party was passé. The Progressive movement tried to tell them so, but they didn’t really listen. They were simply incapable of hearing that message. They didn’t get it.

Well the psycho-pathic voters are not going away. They will become more desperate under the sure pressure of demographic change, rule by the filthy rich, global warming, and the inability of the Rs to make those things go away (or to bring back manufacturing in the Rustbelt). They will have to be outvoted. Until then, lots o’ luck.

The Qs are: how much lasting damage will the Republicans do, with control of the current Congress, and can the Dems take control of Congress in 2018?

Country is fuKt. Could have had First Woman President. Must fix.

(Well I’m going to give my eyes and brain a 10-day break. When I get back, I’ll offer a last page of narration, and then the author will close the novel—or at least the first draft—or at least that’s the plan.)

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