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This is Your Occupation. OCCUPY IT!

Old Glory

The point being that the lives of millions of Americans are being damaged by the selfish and sometimes criminal actions of a very few persons with extreme wealth and power, aided by a major political party, and we must therefore band together in resistance and civil self-defense, to achieve a sane and healthy society.

Some OCCUPY groups and activities:  

Spring Training
Occupy the SEC
Resist Foreclosure (i.e. bank fraud, theft of homes)

An action currently ongoing is composed of two “working groups” of experts in banking and finance, who are exploring reforms and the creation of alternative banking. (That would be a Wall St-Free Zone!)

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, to improve wages and work conditions for food service workers.
T-Mobile Workers

Bottomline imho: Obama MUST be re-elected, because we must not allow the Republicans to further pack the Supreme Court with mad dog employees of the 1%. If that happens, it’s “game over.”

And in general, IMHO, whether we support the Democratic Party or not, in 2012 we must work hard to elect Democrats to every office in the country. The Republic Party is a major weapon of Wall St, and every defeat of a Republican is a defeat of Wall St, the Koch Bros and the other destructive superrich, Big Pharma, the health insurance industry, ALEC, etc.

So we must Get Out the Vote.

That being said….

In 2012 it’s not about Obama, it’s about helping our people and keeping our democracy.

Local people know best what can and should be done locally. National actions require careful work by persons who have the necessary level of knowledge, position, and expertise.

We will find out what can be done, over the coming months, by a process of careful analysis and inventive thinking, broad sharing of ideas, and trial and error featuring principled and disciplined actions, large and small.

During the Fall the Resistance achieved the major goals of bringing the plight of the 99% into the national spotlight, and thus changing the national debate from fear to the need for positive action. Build, Baby, Build!

Now we must further dramatize the plight of the poor and exploited, and keep a national focus on that plight and what must be done about it, increasing national awareness that there is a movement for positive action.

This can be done by means of “guerrilla, hit/run” ad hoc activities aimed at keeping the issue and resistance in the minds of the American people, while helping individuals who are in immediate danger, eg of foreclosure/eviction, homelessness, hunger, joblessness.

Gorilla actions are good too—ie actions should be imaginative, inventive, symbolic, good-humored and sometimes even humorous. What if every one-up action included the presence of someone in a gorilla suit? The Occupy Gorilla (occupying a gorilla). Gorilla My Dreams.  Good-humored satire.

E.g. Woman Marries Corporate Person:

Woman Marries Corporation

Above all, actions should demonstrate empathy, compassion, sense of community and justice, sanity—traits that are notably lacking in the 1%, but abundant and respected by most in the 99%.

And meanwhile:  Make sure that millions of voters whom the Republicans are trying to prevent from voting are able to vote. Help them get registered, etc. The process may well be arduous, expensive, and lengthy, so get started early.

Expand laterally and pressure vertically: Education, and recruitment of a growing number of supporters of the resistance. Pressure all politicians to do right by the people and America.

If we can’t hold the parks (and maybe shouldn’t, although we can rally there), can we establish “Wall Street-Free Zones,” where our continuing active resistance blunts the power of the bankers and demonstrates an alternative for a better way? You Are Entering A Wall St-Free Zone

And, frankly, I’ll be surprised if the XtremeRich&Powerful can be overcome without a massive In Yo Street movement, absolutely nonviolent and not in any way attacking the part of the 99% who are police officers, probably resulting in a movement to Occupy the Jails!

Over the Long Haul, do everything possible to:

Replace the “profit motive” with the “caretaking motive” as the core principle and standard of behavior in America: e.g. empower women; promote childcare, public education, universal healthcare, unionization, and regulation of corporations; eliminate poverty;

Reduce the amount of violence in our society, for instance in parenting;

Reduce the amount of fear in our society; rational fear should be reduced by eg regulating the financial and banking industries, preventing people from being homeless or threatened with losing their homes, reducing unemployment and supporting the unemployed; irrational fear can be countered by replacing ignorance and prejudice with information and understanding, and softening regional animosities.

Develop a new, national Progressive Party, modeled on the Vermont Progressive Party [more to come about this].

Some of the currently active Occupy General Assemblies (4/16/12):

Occupy Atlanta, GA • Occupy Albany, NY • Occupy Amherst, MA • Occupy Baltimore, MD • Occupy Bellingham, WA • Occupy Boston, MA • Occupy Bozeman, MT • Occupy Brooklyn, NY • Occupy Buffalo, NY • Occupy Burlington, VT • Occupy Bushwick, NY • Occupy Chicago, IL • Occupy Cleveland, OH • Occupy Dayton, OH • Occupy Delaware • Occupy Detroit, MI • Occupy Durango, CO • Occupy Ft. Lauderdale, FL • Occupy Fullerton, CA • Occupy Honolulu, HI • Occupy Huntington, WV • Occupy Indiana • Occupy Irvine, CA • Occupy Las Vegas, NV • Occupy Long Beach, CA • Occupy Long Island, NY • Occupy Los Angeles, CA • Media Consortium • Occupy Melbourne, AU • Occupy Miami, FL • Occupy Minneapolis/Twin Cities, MN • Occupy Mira Monte, CA • Occupy Naples, FL • Occupy New Jersey • Occupy Oakland, CA • Occupy Ottawa, ON, Canada • Occupy Oxnard, CA • Occupy Pasadena, CA • Occupy Philadelphia, PA • Occupy Phoenix, AZ • Occupy Portland, OR • Occupy Providence, RI • Occupy Richmond, VA • Occupy Riverside, CA • Occupy San Diego, CA • Occupy San Fernando Valley, CA • Occupy San Jose, CA • Occupy Santa Cruz, CA • Occupy Schenectady, NY • Occupy Seattle, WA • Occupy St. Louis, MO • Occupy Sydney, AU • Occupy Tacoma, WA • Occupy Tampa, FL • Occupy Venice, CA • Occupy Ventura, CA • Occupy Washington, D.C. • Occupy Williamsburg, NY • Occupy Wall Street

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