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Trompf from Here on Out (15)

April 27, 2020

5/5 This movie might be “Son of Strange Love.” Trompf is no doctor, but as the virus rages, and Trompf rages, he’s considering disbanding his Pr*sidential Pandemic Task Force. This is madness, and this is murder. He’s gonna get us all killed.  Or at any rate all the old folks like the author of this tomb.  Which means that I’ll be out of a gig.  I wonder if there’s a Fund for Unemployed Narrators (FfUN).  Meanwhile, I’ll be watching the red numbers.  GA, FL, IN, TN for example. 

4/27 Enemy of the People. And Insane:  The current pr*sident of the United States is a maniac in a position of great power, who enjoys nothing so much as using his personal power to dominate and destroy other people, individually or en masse.  That’s his mania. In this interview (by Chauncey DeVega for Salon), the psychologist, John Gartner nails Trompf’s psychopathic personality derangement. If it comes to it, T will commit what Gartner calls “democide.” Here’s the last Q and response:

What do you think Donald Trump will do if, shortly before Nov. 3, it appears clear that he is going to lose the election?

Rather than making a prediction as to Trump’s specific actions, it is more helpful to describe the type of actions he will take. Rather than trying to say, “This is the move he’ll make.” Like in a relationship, Donald Trump is the abuser. He is the husband or father who is abusing his partner or children or other relatives. The American people are like a woman who is leaving her abuser. She tells her abuser, “That’s it! I am done with you!” She has her keys in hand and is opening the door of the house or apartment to finally leave. What happens? The democidal maniac Donald Trump will attack us, badly. Make no mistake. Donald Trump is going to find a way to attack and cause great harm to the American people if he believes that he will lose the 2020 election.”

Every action by Herr Trompf can only be understood on the basis of his underlying (barely) malignant narcissism (as explained by Gartner). The pr*sidency has not been a good thing for him, personally, and by now he is thoroughly enraged, with the worst yet to come.

4/23 How many times have I said, this is it, people will see that T has lost it, gone round the bend, off the rails, only to be wrong? This time, might I finally be right? During a pandemic press briefing, he recommends ingesting or injecting disinfectant, or maybe somehow UV rays (and suggests that his medical advisor, who is sitting right there, has told him it’s worth researching). This is it, dear reader. At long last, this is it. Everybody sees it now, and many are daring to admit that they see it. It’s undeniable, T is a dangerous madman. (Take E. J. Dione’s word for it.)

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