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Dream: Journey

March 24, 2020

I (but not really very particularly me) was driving a flat-bed truck, with a companion in the cab, from some place to some other place where we were supposed to take something.  We remarked that, well, we could have taken the route “over the hump,” meaning up and over the mountaintop.  But we knew that we had chosen the better route, down the mountainside and along the valley.

We came to a place where we could see that, ahead, the road T’d at another road, onto which we would make a left turn.  We saw that, almost immediately, that road was intersected by a river that was flooding so high that the road went down a gentle slope and disappeared into it, and then emerged, 50 or so feet farther on, and proceeded up a gentle slope on the other side.

A vast procession of people, essentially humanity, was walking the road, in the same direction we would go, right to left.  They were probably going to the same place we were going.  We watched, as people arrived at the water, and just kept walking, at a steady pace, deeper into the water, until even their heads disappeared.  Then there was just the expanse of empty surface of water, flowing very slowly away from us, out into the valley landscape.  Then heads appeared again, and bodies re-emerged, as people walked on up the sloping road.

[This comes as no surprise, since I’ve been reading from the book of flowing water, the Tao Te Ching, every morning for at least a month.  It’s a good dream to have.]

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