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Trompf from Here on Out (14)

March 13, 2020

3-24-20  So I’m predicting that this is the moment when the Republican Party breaks in two.  I can feel it in my bones.  I hope they’re right, for a change.  They’re certainly due.

This is happening because the virus pandemonium is exposing Trompf’s demonic insanity (the whole kit-and-caboodle of syndrome), with its resulting meanness of spirit and deadly incompetence.   The virus is attacking his vulnerability and sapping his power.  Soon he’ll be drowning.  Elected Rs will realize that he cannot guarantee their victory, but furthermore he might cause their defeat.  The most vulnerable senators standing for re-election, for instance, and candidates running for the first time, must figure that they can’t win with him, so they might as well try to win without him (but they’re going down anyways).

Romney will emerge as the head of the Reform Rs, the Corporate (Personhood) True Conservative party.  T will continue to carry the flag of the fascist People’s Republican Party, but he won’t be running the show.  The fascists will coalesce around Jivanka.  The very wealthy owners of the current party also will split.  The R presidential nominee will be either Romney or Pence.  McConnell will try to save his ass by buying the loyalty of senators, with support by his PACs, but he’s finished.

I ran this past the author and he said, Hey, go for it.  It would not surprise him if I’m right, this time.  He pointed out, however, that my bones tend to tell me what would happen logically if there were a just and loving God.  I said, So if I’m right, does that prove that there is such an one.  No, says he, it only proves that there exists a just and loving moral arc of the universe, which powers the illusion of such a supremacist image.  Then I said, So if I’m wrong, does that prove that there is no such arc?  No, says he, it only proves that the supremacists are profoundly deluded in their sick imaginations.

Not being a person, myself, I don’t take the image personally, one way or the other.  I just want Trompf out of my narrative.  

3-14-20 Here’s an excellent exposition, by Peter Wehner (Atlantic), a Never-T Republican, of how/why Trompf has succumbed to the virus (RIH).

I have predicted that he will not be the R nominee.  I did not imagine a public health crisis being the cause of his demise—i.e. His presidency, of course.  I thought his insanity would be enough, quite possibly mortally exposed by a foreign relations crisis.

Now I’ve made a bet on it, with the author.  He thinks T will be the nominee (but lose the election—and the Rs will lose their Senate majority) .  

And as I’ve said, if by August, at the R Convention, they are willing and able to stand him up, or prop him up, in spite of all, my lost bet will simply be conclusive proof of how thoroughly fascist the morally bankrupt R Party has become (and how desperate, and furthermore how fkkkt America has become.

You might wonder (or not) what the author is thinking.  Well, as best I can understand:

The presidential shots are now being called by Ivanka, Jerad, and Stephen (Miller), with an administrative staff and cabinet that is increasingly reinforced with psychophants who can be depended upon, to the political death—except they actually believe that they can win.

They thought they would win on the basis of the economy and stupidity, plus all the fascist ploys of fear-hate-anger, racism, xenophobic nationalism, etc., plus smearing the D, plus manipulation of the election, plus Putin for good measure.  Now, with the economy shot, they will simply double-down on all the rest.

That strategy will draw a lot of voters to them, because America is now a house divided.  In one wing dwell Ds 

In the other dwell the Rs, who are a mixture of 1820-60 militant white Christian fundamentalists and anti-democratic owners, 1920s plutocrats, and 1930s America-first isolationists.   

They can not sit down to the same table.  Each wing lays claim to the entire table, indeed the entire house

In the campaign, the Rs will blow up fear of The Other (Asians, Islamic terrorists, Europeans, and Mexicans; POC, especially black; uppity elitist women; coastal city elitists, corrupt politicians, and lazy takers) large enough to darken the heavens like an alien invader.  They will point out that the two, leading Dem candidates for leadership of the Democrat party were put in place by black people and commies.

They Ds will risk losing by offering anti-Trompf nostalgia, easy-fixes, and niceness.  They will win, nevertheless, because progressives will be presenting a Dem message of hope, based on the genuine prospect of major changes for social justice.

If Trompf declines so much that he simply cannot wave the flag of a viable campaign, they will replace him with the closest replica that they can get, who will campaign as a surrogate with Trompf’s and God’s MAGA blessing.

3-13-20 Okay, this is really it. During the last few days, Herr Trompf lost his chance of being re-elected.

He is a piece of burnt toast with orange mold growing on it.  If his disastrous botching of Covid-19 doesn’t bring him down, in flaming disgrace, absolutely nothing can.   It’s true that many of his supporters don’t see his incompetence, his insanity, or his evil as a problem, because they think his rule is God’s will; they like eating burnt toast, because it is bitter and because it is their toast.  But everyone except his psychophants and dead-ender racists can see how globally dangerous he is, at least in his incompetence and gross negligence.

Here are (among many today) columns by Waldman and Zakaria (WaPo) that sum T well, and a tweet by George Conway (article in HuffPost) that admits that T is mentally ill (and rightly places the blame for this disaster on the heads of the Republicans).  But what does it say about American culture that for all these years his illness has worked as a means to his prosperity?

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