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This Is Insane

February 14, 2020

I just want to get this page started at this moment, to mark the point in the evolution of American democracy when the entire electoral consciousness became permeated with Trompf/Republican insanity, so I can get it off my brain and spend the rest of the day painting.

It’s like we’re at our Thanksgiving Day family dinner. A distant uncle, reputed for his wealth and flakiness, shows up. Somebody invited him, probably thinking about inheritance. Soon it becomes obvious that he’s not flaky, guy’s flat-out nuts. For one thing, he not only insists on sitting at the head of the table, but instead of carving and passing the turkey, he keeps it all for himself. He’s ripping off big chunks and eating with his mouth open, talking while he chews. It’s a bit scary so we try to ignore him. We’ll be okay after he leaves. When he starts making lewd remarks, with the children present, we try to distract them. When he becomes angry and shouts hateful bigotry, some of us try to calm him with appeasing smiles and soft modifications. Someone offers to take him home, with whatever food he wants to take along. We try to just go on eating, talking among ourselves. Somebody half-jokes about a straight-jacket. We plan our next holiday get-together, without him. He stands up and throws food. He throws glasses and plates. Most of us duck but some throw things back. He throws knives. Some of us are enjoying the novelty. Some, excited by a sense of power, and fearing his crazy wrath, join his side. Somebody calls the cops. They never arrive. Dinner becomes a complete breakdown. Everyone is consumed.

Btw, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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