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Trompf from Here on Out (13)

January 1, 2020

1-31-20 The Rs have voted against invited witnesses or documents. I.e. this will not be a trial, it will simply be a partisan refusal to remove their leader from office. McC’s plot was that, since he could afford to lose 2 votes, he gave Collins a pass, so that she can pretend to be open-minded, and he gave Romney a pass, so that he can maintain his ruse of being aa rich but independent thinker from a marginal religion in the Far West. Rugged, self-made man with modesty and integrity.

1-26-20 Republican Senators simply are not going to remove Trompf from office.  They would remove a Dem, but they would not remove Herr Satan if he were a Repub (which, of course, he would be.  Not only is Trompf one of their own, but a R would thus be the first president ever to be removed from office.  For that reason, even R senators who have no other reason to vote against removal will do so.  Even if they prefer Pence they will not remove Herr Trompf.

And even if their constituency is solidly red they will not do it.  Even if, like Senator Collins, they are surely going down to defeat in November, no matter how they vote, they will not do it.  Even if Trompf shoots someone in the middle of Fifth Ave, they will not do it. It goes against their core identity, and they would be ostracized by Rs for the rest of life.  They will find a way to excuse themselves from duty. Not gonna do it.

1-4-20 Well it wasn’t Fifth Ave, it was just the highway near the Baghdad airport, by impersonal ambush in the night.  Trompf shows he can assassinate a leading member of the government and military of a sovereign nation, outside the capital of another sovereign nation whose government has invited his visit, and not lose a single supporter.  He’ll just lose our allies and the world’s respect and trust.  Now he threatens to commit war crimes, by destroying 50+ targets including world heritage cultural sites.  Clearly he jumped to this decision to distract from impeachment and get re-elected as a wartime president.  He can feel, and pretend to be, invincibly unaccountable, the law unto himself.  I suspect he’s now a shark who tastes the blood of a victim.  “This way madness lies.” We’re in a state of smoldering war with Iran.

1-1-2020 Be it hereby resolved: Fkkkm.

[(I’ll fill in a bit btween the last entry of THO (12) and today.) Next page of this episode.]

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