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20/20 What’s At Stake?

January 1, 2020

This year could “see” the beginning of a “political revolution”, or a catastrophe for democracy and America. I doubt we’ll simply return to status quo ante. What’s at stake?  

From the McConnell-Republican politician point of view: a job, and one that gives them the personal power, status, privilege, opportunity for wealth, and belief in their own worth that makes life meaningful for people like them. Their steadfast voters are a shrinking minority. If they can’t cheat and steal elections, they will lose what makes life worth living. Keeping power in a democracy is expensive, and Rs have made it moreso. It is especially expensive if a party must steal the electoral victory. That money comes to the R Party from the rich, especially the very rich, by whom the RP is owned and whom it lives to serve. If they don’t win, they don’t get the dough. Forced retirement.

From the 1% point of view: ownership of $$trillions by, relatively, a handful of individuals (who place their personal, private satisfaction high above the wellbeing of humanity), plus control and use for their private profit of an enormous financial asset, the world’s richest and most powerful nation.  A major means to that end is control and use of the government of that nation for personal and corporate gain (i.e. fascism).  The major tool for that control is domination of the public sphere by a single, fascist, political party, which they own.  Domination is achieved and maintained by that party by any means necessary, including perversion of the institutions of governance for the obliteration of truth and justice and the nullification of electoral, representative government. And cruelty. (If you are not thinking on this level, you ain’t got serious.  You’re like an office picnic athlete playing in McConnell’s professional league.)

From the Trompf point of view, continuing self-aggrandizement and avoidance of prison.

(more coming)

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