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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (59)

December 10, 2019

12-10-19 The Articles of Impeachment. With annotation by Bump (WaPo).

12-11-19 The Rs have been conducting a rolling coup against our Constitutional, democratic concept and structure of governance since at least the early ‘50s with the John Birch Society and Joe McCarthy. I’m thinking that the Big Play that they are making now, including but not exclusively resistance to impeachment, is designed to put in place the “permanent majority” that they have been talking about since 2010—a single-party (R) democracy with an all-powerful (R) Executive, with a fascist monopoly on the use of governmental powers, in the service of private wealth.  After all, why should any successful international businessman today believe that some radical farmers, tradesmen, and small businessmen in the late 1700s knew what form of government would always be best.  Even then, democracy was anathema to many citizens of the new nation.  And now David Koch has died.  How much longer can Charles hang on to see the Promised Land?  Bill Barr is getting up there; this is probably his last chance “to vest [all] that power in a single person.”

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