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Understanding Trompf Voters (2)

December 8, 2019

White Fundamentalist Christian Supremacists [below is barely a start, but I want to get this page going]

With this group of Trompf voters (perhaps 25% of the 2016 electorate) we come face to face with a profound (indeed deeper even than fundamental) American political question:  how can a voter (and a cohesive Christian community of voters) who worships one of history’s most important teachers of unconditional love and selfless, compassionate action, indeed one who is identified by that worshipful voter (and community) as one of the integral personages that manifest the nature of God, Himself, vote to make an evil person (along with his enabling political party) the most powerful individual on earth?  How can such a person vote to empower that evil?

Is it just all too tempting? The devil stands with a WFCS on the edge of a high cliff overlooking the world, and the devil says, holding out his hand like Huck’s Pap to Judge Thatcher, “If you really believe that Jesus will save you, hold my hand and we’ll jump.”

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