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What Is “Huge”?

December 7, 2019

Or at least what do I mean by that?  And what difference does it make?  Well it’s a big subject, but I want to at least begin thinking out loud about it, at this very moment.

What is huge is reality, the whole shebang, being, the way of being, being in a way that is always mindful * of the way of being.  The difference that it makes is all the difference in the world (of our daily being).  Being in that way places the self (and one’s “ego” image) within the truest perspective, the largest perspective,** the huge.

Obviously I’m borrowing Bernie’s word.  And btw, that vision is what makes Bernie outstanding, but not unique, among politicians.  Among presidential candidates his vision does make him unique, and stubbornly ordinary.  His vision is “huge”: not “me.”  “Us.”

“The wise have no mind of their own, / finding it in the minds / of ordinary people.”  

That’s the first section of the Tao Te Ching #49, trad. Ursula K. Le Guin (Shambhala).  (From a zen point of view, we can play with the phrase, “no mind,” the perfectly natural, ordinary.)

In solidarity.

* By mindful, mindfulness, I mean habitually living within the acknowledgment of the way, and in the perspective thereby lived, with constant awareness of, and alertness to the way in/of things, and placement of the mind/thought as fully as possible within our intuition of ordinary whole being.

** More about enlarging perspective, with some thoughts about a WWI story of life/death, on the recent page about fear. And note too that enlarging perspective relates to spherical, rather than linear and hierarchical, thinking, and thus to Larks!.]

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