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Understanding Trompf Voters (1)

December 5, 2019

Who would vote to make a Trompf the Pr*sident of the United States?  Who would even invite such a piece of shit to dinner, not to mention giving him the power of life and death over everyone at the table, in the kitchen, and up and down the street? He seems always on the verge of proving that if there is a God He is neither just nor merciful. And yet 63 mil voted for him, and polls consistently report his “favorable” at around 40% (38-43).  Why why why?

In trying to understand, I’m going to take the approach that support of Herr Trompf is primarily a psychological phenomenon (in line with my narratorial point of view and perspective).  So, thinking aloud:  (1) extreme behavior signals the psychological; (2) as a way of putting it (pun intended), continued support of the devil in the face of his in-yr-face evil, and even when it threatens yr own wellbeing, is extreme; (3) during his campaign, as I’ve suggested on an earlier page, Trompf created himself as a psychological image in the minds of a vulnerable portion of the electorate; (4) during his pr*sidency—for himself (also extreme and psych) and for his followers, that asterisk is part of the pain, the wound that perversely empowers him/them—he has further created himself beyond image into a symbol, a battle flag for the self-perceived embattled to rally ’round, held high by a “warfighter” (T’s word). As the dream revealed to Constantine, “in this sign [symbol, painted on the shields of his soldiers, many of whom were Christians, who had until very recently been officially persecuted] shall you conquer.” Smart populist move by C.

I’m thinking that the bulk of the Trompf voters in 2016 (including the 3rd party voters who provided his winning margin in key states) were protest voters.  Most of his voters were aggrieved (a-grèved, and they went out on strike).   

The basic grievance of Trompf voters was that they felt shat-upon by the Establishment.  They felt suppressed, disempowered, under threat, ignored, and discarded by a dominating liberal culture.  They wanted to reassert their freedom to be themselves—their righteous, superior, realAmerican selves, their white fundamentalist christian supremacist, and/or racist, and/or sexist, and/or authoritarian, overtly or covertly violent, fearful selves.  They wanted to be made great again.  So they joined the rich, comfortable, privileged, also etc etc, 1% selves, who wanted to stay the privileged, comfortable way they were, by any means necessary, to elect a Trompf.

But again, the devil aside, we have to face what apparently is a grim fact of American life: 40% of adults hold a favorable view of a leader who is evil. To understand ourselves we must understand them. Why would they vote against their own self-interest? Even more shocking, why vote for someone who violates, indeed mocks, their professedly highest values, and in some cases, even their core understanding of the nature of human life. I’m thinking that it’s because those Trompf 2016 voters who continue to support him are being true to themselves, triumphantly asserting their psychopathological selves. They are Americans who are motivated by the negative psychopathologies of our democracy, all of which are gathered together in the madness of Herr Trompf, the perfect American sociopath.

We’re living one of the most extraordinary moments in American history, brought to us by a crazy real-estate dealer (but that’s what it has always been about, from the moment when Europeans saw the property) and a remarkable number of fools.

I suppose the biggest organized group of those fools among the American electorate are the white fundamentalist christian supremacists (whom VP Pinch brought to the 2016 R ticket). I’m thinking a lot about understanding them.

[to be cont.]

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