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Trompf from Here on Out (12)

December 2, 2019

[I’ll add a bit to this page, leading to 1-1-2020 on (13).]

If you still doubt that T has lost it, you could watch (I don’t actually recommend it)  the clip (in this article) from his rally in Minneapolis on 10/11, in which he visciously attacks an American private citizen by name (a woman, of course), revels in lewdness like a 13-yr-old boy who has just discovered penis humor, and then verbally lashes the journalists who are present, pointing at them like a dictator wannabe.  His supporters on the bleachers behind him are uproarious with laughter.  What does it take, for someone not to find him repulsive and dangerous?  “Finally, at long last,” Trompf supporters, “have you no sense of decency?”  Or of the danger that he poses for every American, including yourselves?

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