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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (57)

November 22, 2019

So here we are, 962 (+/-) days after posting the first page of this episode (3/2/17), at the end of two weeks of impeachment hearings featuring remarkable public testimony by 12 fact witnesses: 11 professional diplomats and foreign policy experts, and 1 amateur, a hotel magnate who purchased an ambassadorship for $1 million and was then appointed by T to coordinate an international scam (interesting contextualization by Steve Coll at NYer). 

To paraphrase the classic post-WWII American impeachment questions:  What did they know, and when did they know it?  What they knew was the scam; and they are Trompf plus everyone “in the loop,” as Sondland put it:  Pence, Giuliani, Pompeo, Perry, Bolton, Mulvaney, and Sondland himself, who knew with the launching of the scam, or soon thereafter.  Then McConnell, other R senators, and various R representatives, especially members of the House Intel Com, most especially Rep. Nunes, Jordan, and Ratliff, who were enlisted to cover for Trompf.  

The nonpartisan, professional, career diplomats and experts on Russia and Ukraine, saw through the scam as it unfolded on their turf.  They testified not only to its existence but to the severe threat that it posed to America’s national interests, including democracy in the US and other nations.  They saw through the extraordinary corruption on the part of Pr*s Trompf and his administrative appointees (aka Boss Trompf and his henchmen).

The professional diplomats provided facts that make it entirely clear that T violated his oath of office and committed abuses of the power of his office consisting of bribery/extortion and other high crimes and misdemeanors including violation of the Constitutional separation of powers, e.g. “usurpation of Congress’s power of the purse” (Tribe), contempt of Congress, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering.  He and his partners in high crime conducted a project to bribe/extort a foreign government to intervene in an American election, with the purposes of serving the personal and political (those being the same) interests of T, and of Putinesque subversion of not only that election but the confidence of Americans in the legitimacy of any elections, and thus of the efficacy of democracy itself.  While so testifying, they also provided the American people with important knowledge of the political history of Ukraine, the goals and actions of American diplomacy regarding Ukraine and Russia, and the urgency of the current situation in Ukraine.  And beyond that they demonstrated how to think and communicate well about such matters, and in general how to comport oneself appropriately and effectively as a diplomat.

(60-Second Testimony synopsis by Mark Sumner at Dkos.)

During the hearing sessions, in stark contrast to the testimony and demeanor of the professional diplomats, we got the cynical comportment of the Republican members of the committee:  belittling the hearings, bullying and sneering at witnesses, attacking the Democratic committee members, especially Com. Chair Schiff (Trompf called them “human scum”), and attempting to substitute a throughly discredited fictional “narrative” for fact (in an excellent example of what I’m calling the “sick imagination”)  demonstrating that T and his political lackeys and defenders want only to control government in order to use it corruptly to empower their self-aggrandizement, at the expense of anyone or everyone else. They cannot live with truth or with genuine democracy.  Nor do they want to.

Herr Trompf is a lawless president.  He has no respect for justice or for law in any form (from compassion—the “Law of Love”—through the Constitution to daily civility), because, to his way of thinking, “justice” means his self-satisfaction, and law is what constrains him from achieving justice.

He’s a sick fukkk.

11-24 A powerful statement by the journalist, Will Bunch (Philly Inquirer) of the high truth that one of the higher crimes for which T should be impeached, and removed from office, is the moral “crime against humanity,” of separation of children from their parents, and even incarceration of children.

“At long last,” Republicans, “have you no sense of decency.” The R Party has been intellectually and morally bankrupt since at least Reagan.  If there are any T voters who are not equally bankrupt, they nevertheless owe a growing debt to our common humanity.

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