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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (56)

October 18, 2019

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stand-up put-down of the Pr*sident (yesterday) and Admiral McCraven’s essay in the NYT (this morning) mark and form a Thoreauvion Moment of Truth for democracy, and surely a turning point in the political movement to remove Herr Trompf and his fascists from power. I’m anticipating a great victory for American democracy, potentially leading to major advances of our progress towards full recognition of the equality of human worth and rights.

(Being in Paris I’m not equipped to flesh out these points, but I want to start this page on today’s glorious date. Humanity! Equality! Liberty!)

10-22/23 So here’s what’s going down: the biggest humiliation in American presidential history is staring right into the eyes of the loser, Herr Trompf. Either he will resign or the Senate Republicans will join in his removal from office (I know, I’ve been wrong sometimes).

A senior career diplomat who was on the scene confirms, in testimony, Trompf’s extortionist attempt to arrange influence in our 2020 election, by a foreign government, in support of T’s re-election (the idea of which having been provided in part by Putin and Orban), as revealed in T’s telephone conversation with Zelensky. T attempts to elicit an implied pledge by McConnell to protect T from removal from office by the Senate, claiming that McC had issued a statement and said in conversation that the call had been perfectly innocent, as in absolutely blameless, like Adam before the creation of Eve. McC can find no blame in this man. McC says nope, no memory of any conversation on this topic, I’m not in the least tainted by this squalid affair. So that’s the ballgame. The remaining innings will play out the writhings of a profoundly broken man, party, and pr*sidency. We’ll see if the Republican mob howls for a Barabas, maybe Pence (because the white fundamentalist Christian suprematist Republicans are God’s chosen and choosing ones).

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