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MEN RULE! So what?

October 13, 2019

so everything

i want to begin this page, which might take a long time to complete, today, when America’s historic exemplar of this rule, this principle, our Predator-in-Chief, is beginning to implode. He is like a god, « alone and afraid/ in a world he never made, » but which he wants to remake in his image, to control, but can’t, so he hates, so he moves to destroy. As he finds himself inextricably trapped by himself, he will gnaw away his heart.

Take a moment, or an eon, to imagine this world, without the principle of male rule, even without predatory males. Men don’t rule. Women are entirely safe from male control or predation. « What a wonderful world this would be, » at least potentially. What delight!

For example, those Biblical assurances that there will always be « wars and rumors of war, » that the poor will always be « among us, » (although walled from sight), while those who have shall receive and those who have not shall have it all taken away by an ownership society, are given to us by the dominant males who invented that god and his culture of predatory masculinity. They have moved to assure themselves that their domination is accepted as the « norm, ». They rule by divine right and natural law. No point in resisting reality. Jesus himself is unusual because he is a leader (« of men ») who is not a predator. Yet the divine male culture remains intact, it can withstand the assault of his teaching, his peaceful « law of love, » as his disciples, all males, spread the good news of his assurances to the poor and the oppressed by empire. Having been too ignorant to know what they were doing, or to have known the true god, they are forgiven, if only they will see the light and swear allegiance.

It’s a sordid tale, and it goes on for millennia of betrayal.

But just think of Jesus. Less than 30 yrs old and he already knew how terribly things were fukked. The prophets before him had fingered the chief culprits, the oligarchs of their time; but even they could not step outside the System designed by the Patriarchs.

This example, being the most familiar to the greater number of gentle readers of this tomb shall be left behind to stand for all the others. Sadly. But true.

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