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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (55)

September 27, 2019

Murder on Fifth Avenue

Bingo.  Speaker Pelosi opined that Trompf may well impeach himself. It seems now that she was just waiting for the moment to come.  Et voilà.

Of course he impeached himself as unfit for office, while still a candidate, with his public fantasy of violent lawlessness with not only impunity but self-benefit.  No one expects that he will lose any of his fanatic supporters because of his attempted murder of democracy, but we will now see if he can get away with lawlessness. AG Barr says, like the crook, Nixon, that the president is the law.  Nobody can constrain him from serving himself at the public expense.  As the impeachment process unfolds, T will move more and more outrageously to put his supremacy to the test, in broad daylight and surrounded with witnesses. He will dare us to stop him.

10-15 Who would have thunk? The boy who says « Momma, why doesn’t the emperor have to get dressed before he goes out to play? » has turned out to be the Herr himself. His smoke and mirrors chaos technique made it impossible to focus attention on the singular magnitude of his destructive corruption; and then suddenly, with admission of the contents of a phone call he shattered all the mirrors. The smoke has been blown away by the testimony of magnificantly brave, powerful women took the dare, and the wannabe king stands erect and naked in the glare of his narcissism.

1-17 May he burn to a crisp in the toaster. (McC has told Senate Rs to prepare for a trial, possibly beginning before Thanksgiving—no joke. I suspect McC figures removal or not, best get it over sooner than later, to give T a chance to recover, or give Pence—or somebody—a chance to put a campaign together.)

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