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Trompf from Here on Out (11)

August 30, 2019

11-23 If I had been narrating a novel on any day between, say, 1939 and today (or at least recently), would I have imagined a character who was the American president, publicly calling members of the opposition party who were members of the House of Representatives exercising their most extraordinary Constitutional right of opposition to a president, “human scum”?  And if so, would I have imagined that there would not be a general public outrage at such behavior?  Is this the “new normal” in American governance?  For Republican politicians and voters I suspect that it is.  For the majority of voters, I suspect that there is a patient understanding that this individual, in addition to being breath-takingly corrupt, is mentally ill and emotionally “disturbed,” and that the Party of Corruption who put him in power and keep him in power must be removed from office.

11-7 The Mad King. Which is to say, with the testimony of professionals from the Foreign Service about the Trompf shenanigans in Ukraine, and now the release of pre-publication excerpts from A Warning, including report of consideration of mass resignations, and possible Pinch agreement to use of the 25th Amendment, Republicans outside Congress are admitting that our Pr*sident is a crazy person, insane, mentally ill.

10-23 His parents broke him psychologically beyond repair; his mother abandoned him, but his father taught him racism, sexism, and corruption, and put him in a financial position to become a member of the glamorous scum of American capitalist ownership society. He has turned his pr*sidency into The Abyssmal Swamp, a shallow cesspool and yet a bottomless corruption.

The end/goal of T’s adult life has been self-aggrandizement. His means have been ownership of property and  « ownership » of people, for his manipulation and exploitation. His lifeblood has been the ebb and flow of money. His bones have been exercises of power; his flesh fame and privilege (to « grab ‘em »).

10-22 Herr Trompf cannot take the stress of his impending impeachment. He must lash out at his tormentors, revealing more and more fully his character. Within 24 hours he has let « slip » his fantasy that Obama had been killed, and now « lynched, » which historically means castrated then hanged from a tree. We are witnessing the ripening of a strange, bitter, poisonous fruit, indeed. Soon it will fall from the fascist Republican tree.

10-11 The house of narcissistic fascist cards is falling into the fecal swamp of which it was constructed.

10-9 « What a piece of shit is a Trompf » – Hamlet. He hath stepped outside the Constitution and declared himself above the Constitution. He will place the crown upon his own head. As 17 Watergate investigators explain, the Nixon/Trompf parallel is perfect. However, N was a 2-bit crook who made it big within the system, thanks to a fascist right wing of the R party, a politically naive R president, and the family dog Checkers’s starring on TV. Trompf is an evil person who will destroy everyone to serve and please himself, but who has succeeded politically because of the international scope of his corruption, his own political naïveté, and the triumph of those same fascists who became owners of the R Party. R senators know that if they cross T he will destroy them, so they are hoping that the Dems will get rid of him for them, as he impeaches himself (as predicted by Speaker Pelosi).

And meanwhile it is unlikely that T’s evil ways will get us into a war, started by him or someone else, because his ways are so cooperatively profitable for the leaders of the international oligarchy—at the expense of everyone else, such as the Kurds (and it must be noted that the same was true of the actions of the Bush clan).

10-7 “Hold Your Nose,” a new song by Pottymouth Pr*s and the Latrines, is rising on the charts. Polls are showing rapidly growing support for cleaning out the multi-holer.

9-26 Herr Trompf. Vilain de ce roman. C’est un pièce du pain grillé, voilà.  (Je vous ai dit, hein?)

9-24-2019 Now That’s More Like!

Mark this day!  Since the end of WW2, the Republican Party has followed its fascist leaders (eg Koch Bros) and racist wing to a place of All or Nothing-at-All for America: it’s either Fascism (American-Style, which has turned out to be much like Italian-style) or democracy.  In 2016 it was able, via the Electoral College, to put its minority vote-getter/loser into the presidency, a thoroughly corrupt (and mentally ill) business personality who would revel in leading the charge to full-out fascism.  Indeed once he was set galloping, there has been no stopping him, short of removing him from office before he and the Rs can turn our democracy into Nothing-at-All.  The Resistance has been effective but insufficient.  McConnell and the racist Rs were highly successful in nullifying the electoral results of 2008 and 2012; and T and the Rs have been moving, illegally and at peril to the national security, to negate the possibility of a 2020 electoral remedy.  So much for democracy.  But wait! Finally, the Democrats have begun the process of impeachment, the Constitutional remedy: removing Herr Trompf from office. Oh Happy Day!  

9-21  Jesus Found Innocent.  Or not.

I’m imagining a gaggle of scribes and Pharisees trying to get around to proving that Jesus is innocent.  They feel confounded by his innocence, and more so by his innocence before all of their politics and laws.  Which law applies?  What language makes legal sense in a case so unprecedented?  Some can’t settle upon exactly what he did that was so innocent.  Or didn’t do.  Some don’t see how it matters, one way or the other.  Some want, at least, for there to be an investigation. Some think an investigation couldn’t succeed, and then what?  Some think an investigation would succeed and then what? This man keeps doing innocence upon innocence so much that it boggles the mind.  The system isn’t set up to handle it.  Everybody can see that he’s innocent, but some don’t want to believe it, some don’t want to admit it, some can’t quite figure out what innocence really is, some are afraid of the consequences for themselves if they officially declare him innocent, even though he is in fact wholly innocent, some think the people alone should declare him innocent.

As of today’s revelations re. Ukraine, potentially a turning point, it’s like that with Herr Trompf, except the opposite.  He has proven himself to be evil, and in violation of many laws. He has committed “bribery, treason” (without a declared war he has aided and abetted the enemy) and “high crimes” and “misdemeanors.”  He revels in the corruption of office and the abuse of power.  And yet the Dems are having a helluva time finding him guilty.

9-17 Trompf is such a fart. His tweets are a series of farts in the night.  Every night. You can smell the Republican in his diet.  If we get out the vote, in the morning we’ll burn the bedclothes and bury the mattress.

8-30 News now of Trompf’s interrelated ties to the NY/NJ and Russian mobs, bondage to Putin, and increasing assertion of himself as lawless authoritarian ruler.  His pr*sidency is revealing a pervasive, international social corruption that has developed since the end of WWII.  This is a time of extraordinary worldwide sickness, maybe unto death, certainly of democracy.  Even awareness can be mentally and emotionally disabling.  It’s as if Persephone has returned to Demeter with the news that in the Underworld she has developed a metastasizing cancer that is energized by sunlight.  The more she is in the sun, the more the tumors will grow, and the more her body will be racked with pain.  Worst of all, she is suffering a constant nausea of the soul.  During the winter the tumors go dormant, so that she doesn’t die, but she is bedridden with paralysis and dull, chronic pain.  And always that nausea.  Eventually she will be too weak to visit her mother.  But by then she will have lost all memory, and will know only dizziness and persistent incipient vomiting.

We are experiencing an extraordinary attack by predatory male dominators. (As in PMDS, Predatory Male Domination Syndrome. It’s been with us for a very long time, and now it is producing the largest catastrophe ever.) Herr Hades-Trompf and his enablers simply must be removed from power.  This call, by a conservative columnist, for Democrats to save our democracy illustrates the growing sense of how deeply we are in trouble. Next day another example of a “Never Trump” Republican become an “Any Democrat, ASAP.”

Here, on the other hand, is a glimpse of the Dem Party electorate as of 2016 (and likely even more so in 2018 and more so again in 2020), “the most diverse in history.”  The American vision of what democracy is. I think it under represents the number of women who will vote Dem in 2020. The groups that increasingly are big in the Dem electorate are the same as are freaking out the anti-democracy Americans (from the white supremacists, male supremacists, and Christian supremacists to the corporatists and oligarchic libertarians).  The larger point being the larger American struggle, beginning with the Rev War and writing of the Constitution, over the meaning of « democracy » and whether the US will actually be a democracy.  I think that that’s the big thing that is playing out today, with the fascist Repub Party and Trump/Pence moving big-time to squelch democracy in favor of autocratic plutocracy of white Christian males (a culmination—decisive, they hope—of the “Reagan (counter-revolutionary) Revolution”).

Must Vote.

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