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Trompf from Here on Out (Coda)

July 30, 2019

Yesterday the author came to the end of his obsession with Trompf.  Voilà he suggested that I might turn my narratorial attention away from a plot line that had become dominated by the novel’s evil villain.  I thought, well, okay, but you know the conventional literary understanding that Satan is more interesting than Jesus (at least in the Puritan Milton’s presentation of them).  Nevertheless, I turned away from the con.  I pulled my hand from his grip (I’ll leave the pronoun reference ambiguous).  

What a relief!  What a change has come over my world!  It feels like Ethel Merman singing, “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair.”  Life feels cleansed.  I’m getting on with the good things, like the pursuit of happiness in a land without a king and his privileged entourage.  Indeed, I rise!  I can imagine getting to work at healthy imagining.  Progress toward a healthier society seems possible again.  I can bring my negative, “shadow” psychopathologies farther out of ignorance, into the light, where I can put their energies toward realization of my incompletely realized, positive psychopathologies.  I can make healthy changes.  And that knowledge brings hope.  

Isn’t this feeling what America can be like?  Won’t it be like this, the moment we put the hairy nightmare behind us?  That moment can come at any moment!  It will be a collective turn and re-turn.  We will come to our own senses and be ourselves again.  We will stop holding our breath.  How good it is to breathe.

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