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Trompf from Here on Out (10)

July 29, 2019

Okay, enough already!  The author has had it up to here with my narration of the plot.  Herr Trompf has become a vampire worm, suckling at the throat of the Republic and the novel. 

He’s not the very most vile, loathsome, and dangerous (though he has the potential, he’s only human) politician that I’ve known.  There have been, for instance, Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot.  But he is the worst American politician that I’ve known—in competition with men from SC, AL, MS, and WI.  Nor is he the worst capitalist.  Well, fkkkm all to hell.  It’s time to replace capitalism with democratic socialism, and replace the Republicans with an opposition party informed by a philosophy of true conservatism, which would include honesty, modesty, care for people as well as respect for law, and dedication to democracy.

In one aesthetic theory, the plot could go on forever, and still be an act of artistry.  If it’s telling.  But for this novel the author wants me to put a fourth side on the frame, and hang the picture in its space on life’s wall of time.

Upon reading my most recent narration of this episode, he finds that I am dumping emotion and imagination down a bottomless verbal rat hole of the odious and obvious.  He has asked me to re-turn my narratorial energies to imagination of the more invigorating, incomplete episodes such as “Psychopathology” and “Larks!

Hey, it’s his novel.  Who am I to lose that simple fact?  (I might sneak something in, now and then. Btw, want to know how desperate the Rs are?—this racist ploy by Ayn Rand Paul (R-KY) really is about fear that Moscow Mitch will not be reelected.  Onward!)

So, impeachment? candidates? election? justice?  Dear reader, you’re on your own.  Write your own plot line.  But in the pursuit of happiness, democracy, resistance, political revolution, and the reconstruction, I’m with them.  Imagination!  Action!

[Page (9) of this episode.]

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