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June 25, 2019

Totalitarianism.  It’s okay to say it out loud.  Incipient Fascist (AS) totalitarianism.  This is a moment in our national history when we get to look at ourselves and catch a glimpse of what happens when an organized authoritarian minority with an amoral narcissistic leader attacks everything that is necessary for human wellbeing, and attacks everything at the same time.

Attack children.  Attack women.  Attack people who have ancestors who are at least 1/64 nonEuropean (as revealed by their complexion).  Attack health care. Attack journalists. Attack democracy.  Attack any healthy human function that might expose and threaten your attack—such as truth, fact, reasoning.  Attack anything that moves—if it might move against you.

Established verities crumble, orderly minds are thrown into chaos, resistance cannot be adequately organized in time.

That’s the intuitive strategy of Herr Trompf, and the well-plotted game plan of Reichsmarschall McConnell and his Republicans.  (Starve the people, then throw a loaf of bread into the air, or drop it from a delivery drone.)   

Their goal is self-aggrandizement and total control of everyone else, permanently (as in their fantasy of a “permanent majority”) or at least for the imaginable future—say 2000 years, or until climate change makes social control impossible and they hide away in the mountains or on the islands of their wealth.

Words are a major, organizing mode of imagination, both healthy and unhealthy.  To have a healthy imagining, we must give a thing its right name, thereby making it real to us, and making us real to it. 

So say it.  Totalitarianism.  Unless we let them get away with it, their fantasy is a bubble.  Burst it!  Fight back!  

6-28/29 And while we’re at it, call it, “treason.”

[Also see “Trompf from Here on Out (5)”]

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