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Trompf from Here on Out (4)

June 14, 2019

6-18-19 Trompf is so full of himself that he doesn’t breathe. But he’s starting to gasp.

6-16-19 Today, even more so than already, we have a crisis on our hands.  In the spiritually devastating interview with George Stephanopoulos (broadcast in its entirety tonight—transcript), in which Herr Trompf said that he would break the law by accepting helpful campaign “dirt” offered by a foreign government (note, it is against the law even if offered by a private foreign individual) and would not inform the FBI of the offer unless he, Trompf, decided there was “something wrong with it”—which is to say, he invited foreign intervention in our election and said he would collude, he also suggested that his supporters might “demand” that he stay in office beyond the time allotted by the Constitution (so he can “Keep America Great.”)  

Against an American Pr*sident who is insane, we are struggling to protect our nation (and the asylum seekers at our southern border), the other peoples of the world, and much of life on this planet.

By “insane” I mean that Trompf is out of his gourd, not in his right mind, suffers extreme mental/emotional illness—severe loss of homeostasis, balance, stability.   He is malevolently delusional (as well as illusional), with daily acting out of his delusions of grandeur.  He is incapable of social ego-restraint and mutual give-and-take. He is reckless with other people’s lives, paranoidally insecure, vindictive, aggressive, pitiless. He’s nuts.

I don’t think that his outburst about remaining in the White House is merely designed to, for instance, deflect from bad re-election poll numbers.  I think it is a crazy tell.  Trompf is a compulsive thinker-actor-talker.  That is, he knows what he wants (albeit a fantasy), and he must have it, now.  He believes that he deserves it, he can make it happen, nobody can stop him or has a right to try.  Because he just can’t wait, he talks it, making it seem (to himself) an external reality, and signaling his supporters that he expects them to get it for him, by whatever it takes.

The Trompf brain longs for a steady state of euphoria, of perpetual triumph, over somebody, anybody, everybody.  Self-vindication and security.  To have that, he must be a completely unrestrainable Executive, quaintly known as king or dictator.  (I know, you’re thinking “That’s crazy.”)

Throw the dice, or don’t throw the dice. This game is called Krishna.

So we have two, urgent tasks:  get him out of office just as soon as we can, and until then minimize the damage that he does.  Beginning the process of removing him from office is imperative, in the name of truth, moral principle and practice, and self-defense (here is today’s example of the corrosive influence of an evil Commander-in-Chief:  monkey see, monkey do—with apologies to monkeys).

Impeachment will not officially happen in the House until Speaker Pelosi says to go for it.  She has remarked that T might “almost impeach himself,” meaning, I take it, that she believes he might do something that would make the impeachment process unavoidable and make the case open-and-shut. I thought he did so in the interview (if not, indeed, before that).  She has also remarked that she knows more about T’s wrong-doing than anyone other than T himself.  Okay, the only possible factor that would definitely allow me to depend upon the Speaker’s reasoning in holding off is that she knows something that I don’t know.  With no idea of what that is, I’m worried that she is making a mistake.

Granting that elections can have grave consequences, it is also possible that Speaker Pelosi is heavily weighting the affects, of an attempt to remove from office, on Nov 2020.  We would indeed fail to protect, if T were re-elected, or even if the Republicans kept their Senate majority, not to mention loss of the Dem House majority.  The stakes are high (as the Speaker knows as well as anyone).

But surely, before long, we’ll have to take one or the other risk. This game is called Krishna.

6-14-19 Surely the merde has hit the ventilateur now, and a lot of influential people are feeling the splatter.  They want things cleaned up (see ad).  Let’s try to get a grip on the situation by scaling down to ordinary, analogous folks like ourselves.

As I was waking up this morning, having forgotten what I had dreamed, I thought, well, the headlines might be very interesting, given T’s assurances that he would break the law and betray his country by undermining its practice of democratic governance, by accepting help, toward his re-election, from a foreign country, and not inform the FBI of the offer of help, thus putting the country at risk of having a president who was serving the interests of that foreign country because he was being blackmailed. After making coffee I started with the liberal-biased Huff Post.  

Et voila! Screen filled with these:  Andrew McCabe Says It’s Time For Impeachment Inquiries Into Trump / FEC Chair: It’s Illegal To Accept Election Help From Foreign Governments / Trump Says What Ex-White House Lawyer McGahn Told Mueller ‘Doesn’t Matter,’ President Donald Trump also told ABC News that he never told Don McGahn to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, despite McGahn’s testimony [i.e. says McG perjured himself] / Actually, 10 Cities Are Reportedly Waiting For Trump Campaign To Pay $841,000 In Rally Bills / Fox News Legal Analyst Pulls No Punches: Trump Is ‘Prepared To Commit A Felony’ / Toronto Raptors Grab NBA Championship In Game 6 To Dash Warriors’ Dynasty Hopes / Trump’s Lawyers Are Practically Daring Congress To Impeach Him.

Impeachment is unavoidable.  The only Q now is when. From the mouth of Diamond Li’l: “Come clean or get cleaned.”

Related story:

So there’s this guy where you work.  Donald.  He’s in a department that works with yours, so you have to interact cordially, but his personality rubs yours the wrong way, so you’ve never become friends.  Guy’s the can’t-get-enough-of-myself, loudmouth, office bully type.  You’ve seen it before. It’s rotten, and it rots everything it touches.  However, your spouses have met, hit it off, and often talk.

One evening your wife mentions that Donald’s wife said she was worried.  She sounded like something was worse than usual.  Then she said that for quite a while Donald has talking about how bad the Democrat Party is.  Bunch of degenerates.  He’d been sounding angrier and angrier.  But now he’s talking about wanting to just blow things up.

That definitely sounds worrisome.  So you start discreetly asking around.  Casual conversations with friends in his department.  Turns out others have heard him make comments like that.  Someone mentions that recently, in a bar at a convention, when everybody was feeling pretty relaxed, Donald was bragging about plans to do something big about how bad things have gotten.  Said he has contacts and friends who would help.  Guy’s a Big Mouth, soused, so your friend just blew it off.

Do you just blow it off?  Let’s say you contact the police.  Do they blow it off?  “Not good, pretty dumb, nothing to worry about.”  Say they contact the FBI.  Blow it off?  No, it’s their job to look into it.  They check him out.  Do a sting.  Turns out your Donald has recruited a couple of like-minded types, loaded his garage with explosive materials, picked a specific target, made a plan and set a date.

Blow it off?  They arrest the guy and he appears before a judge and jury.  Blow it off?

This story is so ordinary it’s boring.  The “new normal.”  Practically writes itself.  By the third paragraph you guessed what was coming.  I almost ended it right there.

Did you guess that the building to be blown up is the one where you work?

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