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Dreams: Rotting Buildings, Traffic, Violence

June 8, 2019

6-6-19 (1)  A friend and I, teenagers, were walking home, heading north.  Home was many miles away, so we walked through many towns and cities.  Mostly we walked on the sidewalk or in the street, but from time to time we went indoors and walked through houses and other buildings.  We never saw another person.

All of the buildings had been abandoned.  The homes were single story, or two or three floors high.  There were other buildings nearby that had four or more stories, and farther in the distance loomed buildings in clumps that reached twenty or more stories.  All of the buildings were made of wood, and all were rotting and falling in on themselves and each other.  Walls were bending down or curving inward with dry rot.  Some buildings, or the several top stories of tall buildings, were reduced to vast piles of beams and studs and splintered boards.  All of the window glass was broken out.  In the homes the furniture and appliances were still in their places but covered or partly covered with fallen boards.  We kept walking.

(2)  I was driving in a city.  The traffic got more and more congested, until finally I abandoned my car and continued toward my destination on foot.  The farther I walked, the more people there were on the sidewalks, so that when I arrived at a major cross street, more like a very wide boulevard with no pedestrian island at the midpoint, there was an enormous crowd waiting to cross.  The cars were moving very fast, in both directions.  Finally the traffic lights turned red, and along with the masses of people I hurried to get across in time.

(3)  I’ve forgotten meaningful details of the third dream; but:  in the evening, on a street in the business area of the city, a Proud Boy was severely beating an older man.  I intervened and gave the young man a thrashing.  Many people who had seen the incident then gathered around me, and we had a philosophical discussion, serious and interesting, about whether my violence was justifiable.  I felt mildly under attack, although I agreed that the matter was debatable.  I defended my actions, on the basis of the right to self-defense, although I had been defending someone else, whom I did not know, and who had not requested my aid.  Most people accepted my defense, but some suggested that I nevertheless bore a measure of guilt.   

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