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Merde. (2) What IS Going On Here?

June 1, 2019

Trying to restrain the naïveté in my hormonal optimism, I ask myself:  Okay then, really, what is it  that is going on here?

Oh of course!  CORRUPTION.  On a grand scale.  That’s what this is all about.  Financial, Political, and Spiritual Corruption.  Corruption of imagination. Mental-emotional rot.  Global exploitation and terrestrial betrayal.

Here’s a wonderful example of what corruption is:  “Bloody Mingo.”  I’m aware of that illustration because of the reporting of Sen. Warren’s recent campaign visit to Kermit, WV (more here and here).  

In that context, one can say, “It’s the addiction, stupid.”  Addiction to the opioids:  Money, Power, Privilege (MPP).

Blow that up to national and global scale, and you have the program of the Republican Party, since at least the 1940s (or we could go back to the early 1870s).  In contemporary politics, Nixon put the national scheme in place. Reagan made it workable.   The Koch Bros and their Ilk NLC (KBI), and the House of Bush/Saud, maximized it.  Now the Trompf Crime Family and Friends are weaponizing and normalizing it:  

Fascism (American style) is the regional operation of a Global Corruption Alliance of Oligarchs.

The obscenely rich do everything they can to place themselves outside of, and above, common humanity, community, and the law.  They are The Law unto themselves.  Even unto the exploitation and death of everyone else, if need be.

The Republican Party is their tool and weapon for serving their financial self-interest.

Every action by Republicans can be accurately understood only within that context.  Keeping Herr Trompf in the presidency is just one example of their self-serving corruption.  His job is to nullify any possibility of anyone but the rich getting a grip on the reality of what the rich are doing.  He is their Distracter in Chief (here and here and here).

The Question that he forces is:

Will the American Constitution  have standing as an enforceable foundation and framework for good governance—governance by and for the American portion of humanity?   The document seems powerless in the face of runaway plutocracy and global oligarchy; the rich are not governed by it.   In the context of an American single-party autocracy, it would be simply meaningless.

I’m thinking we’re in more than a “constitutional crisis” (eg here and here), if that means that the constitution is being challenged in one or another of its provisions, but the challenge can be resolved within the framework of that document as a whole.  Rather, what is critical is whether, in the face of blatant corruption, the Constitution  is to remain as the ruling, democratic framework of our practice of governance.  

The corruption of politics by the Politics of Corruption (eg sleaze and here and here and here and ethics) cannot co-exist with the practice of politics within the Constitution.

Pr*sident T is quite steady in his attack on the Constitution in its entirety.   He and the Republicans are insiders operating from a position outside its framework, whose goal is to nullify it.  

The Republican assault on our constitutional democracy takes the form of Total Obstruction, of the citizenry’s ability to perceive accurately and communicate truthfully, in their pursuit of justice and wellbeing, within a constitutional framework of laws and order.

Constitutional governance, as a system/authority of justice through the rule of law determined by the populace is to be obstructed by any and all means necessary, so that “Libertarian” plutocratic rulers are free to do whatever they find appealing.

They will ravage the planet.  Without the force of our Constitution we cannot peacefully, collectively, prevent them.  If we allow it, they will corrupt the constitution itself.

[First page of this shitty episode.  Next pages:  (3a) “Why Now? Megas v. Climate Change,” (3a2). (3b) “America’s Sociopaths,” (3c) “A Uniquely Representative Pr*sident,” and (4) “Fools.”]

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