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Dream: Plane Crash

April 14, 2019

At around 2:00 this morning I woke up and remembered, very clearly, that I had been involved in a strange and potentially disastrous plane crash.  I thought it had happened yesterday.  But although the memory of the experience was very clear and definite, I had become unsure that the event had actually happened, so I had revisited the site of the crash, to find out.  

At that moment I realized that I had woken from a dream.  But it seemed as though I had dreamed the earlier half, the event itself, the night before, but had forgotten that dream, and tonight I had returned to it’s plot line to continue it.  However, after reviewing the entire dream (still partly asleep), and then forgetting part of what I had remembered just moments ago, I felt unsure about whether I had dreamed this over two nights, or all of it just before waking. 

As my dreaming began, I was seated in the cockpit of a large airliner, of which I was the copilot.  Immediately after take-off we were ascending smoothly, but as we reached a height barely above the trees, we felt and heard a very large and strange change in the physical conditions of the natural world, that obviously threatened our ability to stay in the air.  It seemed as though we had entered an immense local natural phenomenon, like a shock to the order of things, that rarely occurred, or maybe had never before occurred, or at least had not been known to occur.  Quite possibly it was an intrusion by the nature of another reality. It was a fundamental change.  It made a fundamental difference in our outlook.

The pilot, a woman, maintained her correct procedure, and looked over at me, to get my take on what was happening to us.  I offered the interpretation that this was indeed happening to us, and was something entirely unknown and potentially deadly, but if we continued with full power, there was potential (actually likelihood, as it felt to me) that we could ride it out, and continue our ascent.

At that point, however, we came to a full stop, suspended in air, just above the trees.

After quickly registering that we were not hurt, but might at any moment go crashing down, we consulted about what to do.  Then I climbed out of the plane and down to the ground, to go for help.

The next part of the dream is the part that I had remembered in detail but which became vague.  I am sure that I got into my car and drove around the countryside, for quite a while, stopping at many appropriate locations where people might be helpful, but finding no help.

At that point my memory became clear again.  I drove to my parents’ house, to use their telephone to report the emergency.  I reached one agency and began telling them about the situation, but they were not interested.  I reached the receptionist at another agency, but as I proceeded to explain, each sentence that I spoke was immediately spoken by another man, who apparently had called on another line with an entirely different purpose.  Eventually we figured out that he was calling in response to a “help wanted” advertisement.  He was applying for the job.  Unable to make any headway, I gave up.

By that night, I was no longer sure that anything had happened.  In fact I suspected that I had imagined it all.  So I gathered several friends and drove to what would be the crash site, to resolve my mind, one way or the other.  

As we came around a curve of the country road, we saw a large crowd in the darkness.  I got out and approached a young woman who had witnessed something remarkable that had drawn this crowd.  She was telling friends what she had seen.  When she paused, I said, “Excuse me, are you talking about a plane crash?” She affirmed that she was.  The wreckage of the plane was scattered through a large woods, nearby, still lit by the glow of small fires.  It had been terrible.  Luckily, everyone had gotten out alive.

Lying in bed in the dark, eyes still closed, I felt like this was one of the most amazing, clear, big, and urgent dreams that I had ever experienced.  In fact it seemed so big and complex in plot and meaning that I would not be able to write it down.  (The present novel seems that way too, and probably I should give up trying.)  I thought I would just tell it to members of the author’s family and friends who share and swap their dreams and plots.  But, here it is.  A page for this episode (of Twilight Zone). Makes sense to me, the way dreams go.

Fly on.

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One Comment
  1. Kevin permalink

    Amazing dream.

    (Camera) drone videos have been inducing great, calm, controlled flying dreams in recent years. I used to fly out of control and crash a lot. Now I float slowly where I wish, just, you know “why walk, when you could be floating?”

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