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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (39)

September 14, 2018

Hey, Republicans, double down on this:  Manafort will cooperate with Mueller.  “Fully, truthfully, completely, and forthrightly…in any and all matters as to which the Government deems cooperation relevant” (doc).  Pleads guilty to conspiracy against the U S, and conspiracy to obstruct justice.  Sound familiar?  Multiple offenses combined in each charge.  O happy day!

Announced at 11 this morn.  Twitter-in-Chief didn’t tweet until (waiting for it).

And Cohen is still negotiating with M.  Apparently there’s a Q as to with Cohen has enough to offer that M doesn’t already know, to make it worth letting him off the hook.  As white-collar crime specialist, Randall D. Eliason explains, definitely Manafort has something to offer:

Manafort was at the center of Trump’s campaign during key events in Mueller’s investigation of whether the campaign conspired with Russians to influence the election. Manafort came to the campaign with extensive ties to Russians and Russian-connected individuals. He attended the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with Russian representatives offering “dirt” on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He was campaign chairman during the Republican National Convention when the party platform was changed to adopt a more pro-Russia stance on Ukraine — one source of suspicions about a possible quid pro quo between the campaign and Russia. In short, Manafort is in a position to know a great deal about matters at the heart of Mueller’s investigation.

Mueller has pursued a classic, painstaking white-collar investigation, building cases against lower-level players and persuading them to “flip” against bigger fish. The pursuit of Manafort took more than a year, but Mueller has now landed his biggest fish so far. Prosecutors typically offer cooperation deals to those who can deliver the goods on someone higher up the food chain — and the list of those above Manafort is not very long.

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