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The Reckoning

September 14, 2018

La Crise

Lafayette, where r u when we need u?  Our need is now!  I agree with Rebecca Solnit, who makes the case in a recent essay, that the fascist/criminal/Republican coup, that we are en garde against, took place on 11-8-16 (a day that might, OMG, live in infamy). She pretty well sums up the abuses of power on the part of Herr Trompf, and his agents, minions, sycophants, enablers, and voters.

Now is the moment when we must do everything we can to counter that coup.

This is a national, mental breakdown.

It’s ramifications are not just the loss of our democracy, the world’s most important single democracy.  Where life is misgoverned by incompetence, malfeasance, ignorance, foolishness, self-centeredness, malevolence, downright evil, subversion, chaos, cynicism, nihilism, everything goes bad.  Everything rots.  Society cannot stay healthy. Visited by official infliction and affliction, no one can be whole.

People lose sight of a difference between life and death, and fail to see the meaning or importance of such a difference; life loses its value and death becomes central. Wells are polluted and no new wells are dug.  Rivers are polluted and no new springs are found.

If I were in Paris (alors, on ne sais jamais) at this sad, sick moment in American history, and a proud descendent of Lafayette were to ask me what in the world is going on in my country, I would share these pensées:

 (1)  All the Chickens

No surprise:  the moment draweth nigh when all of America’s chickens, all of the negative psychopathologies of our democracy, will be coming home to roost, all at the same time.

(What a page that will be.  It might spontaneously combust and be reduced to ash, to be mixed with blood and daubed on the author’s forehead.)

I’ve thought on previous pages of the plot line that—by a stoke of pure narratorial luck, or bad luck—the character who turns out to be the great villain, the jack der ripper, of the novel, Herr Trompf, embodies all of those national psychos.  He brought them all together in one volcanic American image, and invited us to vote him up or down.  Lust for wealth, propensity to violence, classism, racism, sexism, religious fundamentalism, rampant ego-individualism, xenophobia, authoritarianism and nostalgia for aristocracy, . . .

All of our worst anti-democratic delusions and impulses (historically repressed by futuristic declarations of human worth and national identity by our founding revolutionaries) were combined in one man, the nominated leader of a fascist political party that had been working, for decades, to undermine democracy and replace it with unfettered plutocracy. [ * ]

We voted him down.

But the Constitution’s electoral mechanism that was designed to protect the plantation aristocracy voted him up.  The fascists, by minority vote of our citoyens, took control of all branches of our national governance.

The inevitable result is soon to be upon us:

A clash of Titans. The fascists who have weaponized all of those psychos and wielded them against our democracy will soon face the citizens whom they have attacked, in an election that will either affirm their rule by the worst within us, or reject it, and empower the representatives, howsoever imperfect, of democracy and the best that America offers the world, to begin to overthrow them (maybe I lost my grammar in there, but you know what I mean).

I believe that if we do not reject them, significantly disempower them, at this moment, we will not get another peaceful chance.  If we do not throw enough Republicans out of office to reverse the course of our governance, those negative psychopathologies inherent in us, and thus, historically, in our democracy, will be so immensely empowered that they will overwhelm us.

(2) Reality.  Fascism.  Political Revolution.

Josh Marshall (TPM) has brilliantly pointed up our need to use words that accurately name what’s really going on, and indicate how serious it is.

So I would tell that citoyen flatly that the reality is that at this moment in American history our government is fascist (“American style,” as I’ve called it, which turns out to be very much like European style, and just as dangerous), and that the remedy, which is still possible, for this social and psychological sickness of an emaciated soul, is the “political revolution” that Bernie called for, and more.

If the voters turn out, if they give us a chance to begin to redress our grievances, there will be so very much to do.  We must change the way things are done—i.e. we must replace the ways of the fascist Republicans and the ways of the corporate Democrats, with reason and with universal liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Change, brought to us by “enormous changes at the last minute,” some we like and some we don’t, will thrust itself upon us. In response, we must change our vision of Earth, of its conditions and its population, and of society and culture in America.

America is in crisis. Whatever the election results on Nov 6, the most difficult and dangerous days are directly ahead of us. They look us right in the eyes, and we had best not look away again.

(3)  Justice

The Old Guard Conservative Republican elite, especially the Special Counsel and the national intelligence community, combined with the outraged liberal democratic majority of the electorate, especially women, seem poised to take the fascists down.

[ * ]  And yes, of course, I’ll explain that our current pr*sident is indeed a loon; he is, mentally-emotionally, a severely ill person; a symptom of that illness, his pr*sidency, the executive embodiment of our psychos, is a running sore on the heart of our nation.

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