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Vomit, Anybody?

September 8, 2018

(As a former Hoosier, first I want to say, as a charm or spell for warding off evil spirits:  Coats, Daniels, Quayle, Pence.  Hoosiers all.  Get thee, get thee, get thee hence.  Gag.)

C’est bizarre, alors. La Maison Blanche = La Ville des Folles, with its bouffon-en-chef whose character is so void that he no longer evokes even a cynical smirk of humor.

Pretending to save us from being destroyed by the blanche craziness, a NYT anonymous Republican op-ed columnist (I’m assuming that the NYT knows that this wasn’t written by Russian military intelligence) speaks perfectly for the wing of the fascist Republican Party that is willing to exploit Herr Trompf in order to pursue their goals of solidifying the financial and political ownership, domination, and rule of our country by the filthy rich American capitalist aristocracy.  If those words sound like a cartoon from yesteryear, consider: Jeff Bezos has been increasing his wealth by about $260,000,000/DAY; he and the two also-rans for Wealthiest American own more wealth than 50% of the rest of us—i.e. more than our poorest 150,000,000 souls and fellow citizens.  Many of us own nothing.  Nothing.  Many of us own next-to-nothing.  Many of us own just a little bit, with no hope of ever having more.  Many of us are working long days and long weeks for an income that will not pay for housing.  Many of us cannot afford medical treatment.

That’s fukt, man.

But now cometh to the NYT an anonymous savior.  A fascist faux-Résistance fighter in the fascist den, helping his fascist Party achieve its true, fascist governmental goals:  reduced taxes for the filthy rich and the corporate monopolies, de-regulation (freedom from rule of law or consideration of the general welfare) of those same, reduction of government plus enhanced corruption in government, permanent judicial support of those same, permanent electoral victory by the representatives of those same.  All to be followed by achieving their fascist social goals of white supremacy and ethnic cleansing, male control and punishment of women, and permanent subjugation of those of us in the morally inferior middle and under classes.

All of which, they are willing to pursue under the banner of MAGA.  Crazy, I know.  Crazy, they know, and chaotic, the faux-fighter assures us.  But not to worry, they’ve got that chaos under control.  They are governing, verily under the wrathful nose of the Mad President.

Fascist gremlins scurrying around to prevent errors while they participate in cruelties.

Quelle courage! What sacrifice! They believe in something.  Something crazy enough—for us to sacrifice everything for.  They’ve got us under their control, and they’re trying to keep it that way, even as they are losing their grip.

In NYMag Frank Rich correctly identifies these losers as Vichy cowards and collaborateurs.  They’re running scared, and they’ll get what’s coming for them.

But Kaep is rightOur belief in ourselves and our dreams for ourselves have not been big enough.  Not crazy enough.  Let’s show how “crazy” sanity can be.  Be something bigger than politics, bigger than wealth.

[Update already:  On an earlier page I was thinking out loud about the Gates argument against our taxing him, and how wrong-headed that is, from the point of view of democracy.  It occurred to me in the shower a few minutes ago, that since only taxation poses any significant potential threat to his luxurious lifestyle (short of atomic warfare or total self-assertion by the supervolcano beneath Old Faithful), what the argument really comes down to is:  let me keep all of my money, or spend it if I want to, on what I want to spend it on, and hope that people like me will feel charitable about some of the money that we can’t possibly need.  I don’t know if Jeff is that thoughtful.

9-9  Woodward says (see video clip of interview), seriously, the American people had better “wake up to” how dangerous the T presidency is, because of T’s incompetence (my word, as a euphemism), and pray that we don’t experience a national crisis while T is president.

I think the identity of The Anonymity doesn’t really matter (Woodard says it’s important).  As Mark Sumner puts it (DKos), commenting on an excellent piece by Leonard Pitts Jr:  “never forget — the Nazis who tried to knock off Hilter were still f#cking Nazis.”  I agree with Sumner that it’s a distraction.  But Sumner thinks maybe it’s strategic:  “Honestly, my number one suspect on the list of who is behind the op-ed would be … Donald Trump. . . .having the story out there. . .serves the purpose of keeping everything at a high boil. Which is excellent cover for getting things done. Where things means obstructing justice and robbing the nation blind.”  When Sumner quotes Martin Pengelly (article about reactions by VP Pinch) quoting the original text, I noticed this locution (i.e. quirk):  “he or she also drew attention to administration achievements – Republican goals including ‘effective deregulation, historic tax reform, a more robust military and more’.” Blah, blah, blah and more.  Who’s the greatest inarticulate American president in world history, probably, almost, and more?

And now, for your further delectation, here’s an Identity Quiz Q.]

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