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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (38)

September 8, 2018

Double down Winsocki, double down….You can win, Winsocki, if you’ll only double down.  * ]

What do you do, if you’re a Republican, and you’re scared, and you control the federal government, and your Republican Pr*sident is a loon, and you admit he’s amoral, and a deep danger to the wellbeing of the nation, and you’re a Republican, and your dream of a lifetime, a permanent fascist majority on the Supreme Court, is about to be realized, and you’re scared that you might lose control, and you’re a Republican?

Oh yeah, you double down.

Your Republican fascist Pr*sident is putting your control of Congress severely at risk; and now he’s talking, at campaign rallies, of a genuine possibility that he will be impeached, if people vote for Democrats, or even if Republicans simply stay home on election day.  Maybe he’s only scaring up his base, to get them to vote.  But would he use “the i word,” if things had not gotten to the point where it really is something for him to fear.

As a Republican, you know the power of putting ideas in people’s heads, again and again. Concepts, whether good or bad, become realities.  People get used to them.  They begin to think that the concept is already happening.  They can live with it.  It’s normal.  Maybe they even like the idea.  Even if they’re Republicans.  Even Republican senators.  After all, VP Pinch is as much their fascist as Herr Trompf, but slick about it.

And that’s what it has come to.  A growing majority of Americans want Trompf out of here, and they want it strongly.  They are scared of what T will do, they loathe him, they are angry, they are going to vote, and they are not going to vote Republican.

They find T repulsive. In recent weeks, in addition to his being shown to have committed a federal crime (see SHT 37), he has torn apart families, denying the human rights and American legality of children seeking asylum, and he has childishly refused to honor the spirit of a dead adversary, and one whom many Americans consider to be a model of American integrity, courage, and self-sacrifice.  Now the dangerous chaos and foolishness of his executive branch of government has been exposed, by a respected journalist and by members of his own staff.  And his nominee for fascist majority of Supreme Court judges has been called out for lying under oath (although it might be just obstruction of truth, not perjury.

So what do you do? If you’re a Republican?

[ * ] Paraphrasing a song remembered from back-to-school morning radio in the early ‘50s.  Beautiful fall mornings, with the air crisp and the sun sparkling between deep shadows.  Of course the phrase is “Buckle down, Winsocki.”  (And here’s a trailer for the 1943 film—totally whitebread, but with mention of blues and gay.)]

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