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Who Let the Fkkkng Dogs Out?

August 29, 2018

The Republican Party, of course, when they empowered Trompf with political legitimacy, and then accepted his administration by White Supremacy fever tweet and a pack of fkkkng racist advisors and cabinet members, and supported him in Congress.  Ol’ Marse McConnell had led the way, with his policy of emasculating the first black president.

Because it’s all they got.  They’ve been morally and intellectually bankrupt for a hundred years, because their single idea and mission in life have been the superiority of a wealthy (white) few; and now, in order to bend democracy to the service and protection of today’s Plantation Aristocracy, they have to go for racist blood, unleashing their blood hounds, their maddog racist voters, against any opposing candidate who might defeat them, and trying to turn every person of color into an animal, a pariah, or even a mythic Willie Horton.

They’ll eliminate democracy if they can, but call the new system their ‘permanent Republican majority,” even though it’s actually rule by a permanent corrupt minority.

At this moment in the plot, as we step up to the starting line of the official campaign season, it’s time to call Republicans what they are:  fukkking racist fukkkups.

Starting with this particular FL shit-for-brains, Trompf-wannabe Ron DeSantis.  Things are going to get really really ugly. (But interesting, in context of our historical slave narrative:  in the spirit of going high when they go low, Gillum responded with a “north star” image:  “’What we’re trying to offer in this race is a North Star for where we want to go as a state,’ he said.”  The hounds are out of the kennel and off the leash; we’re running, but we’re not running scared, and we know where we’re heading, with the sure Guide of Truth.

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