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What Is Voter Suppression? (2)

July 24, 2018

12-4-18  When lame duck Republicans subvert governance:  WI is “hard to recognize as a democracy.”  Rs move to overthrow democracy and solidify minority, plutocratic rule.  Meanwhile in MI, lame duck Rs move to roll back voter-approved access to the ballot.  And in NC, Rs are caught committing election fraud that is so blatant that even Rs have to admit it (for instance).  12-6  And during the last few days in those states Rs have extended their power in ways that say, Screw the electorate, they might as well not vote.  Screw democracy, self-governance is a hoax.  Republicans rule!  But 12-7, after 2010 victories, hubristic Rs everywhere were declaring a “permanent majority.”  That didn’t happen, and we can now understand that they meant putting an end to liberal democracy, by substituting fascism.  They haven’t given up their dream.  Now, in desperation, they are attempting to end opposition by declaring their opponents persona non grata, en masse.  Here’s a good take on their present efforts.

For context of the larger, historical problem:

8-14-18  When government suppresses voting.

7-24-18  At TPM, Josh Marshall intros a project (to the election), Retreat from Democracy, sponsored by the AFT, on voting rights and democracy.

From the Intro, “The Battle for the Right to Vote Has Never Been Won, Now We’re Losing Ground“:

The series we are beginning today is made up of ten articles. They will include historical perspective, as well as extensive reporting on the current moment and policy prescriptions for advancing and securing voting rights against a tide that appears everywhere to be flowing against them. We will have pieces on felon disenfranchisement, gerrymandering, history going back to the 19th century and up through recent decades, voter ID laws, automatic voter registration along with numerous related issues. We will also have reporters in the field covering events as they unfold over the next five months. Our goal is to survey the full breadth of this critical topic, examining the history, the current range of threats and opportunities and, to the extent possible, helping readers understand the scope of the issue, its importance and avenues for positive change over the coming years.

Article #2, “Today’s Voter Suppression Tactics Have A 150 Year History:  Rebels in the post-Civil War South perfected the art of excluding voters, but it was yankees in the North who developed the script,” by Gregory Downs.

[Page:  WIVS (1), and a page on gerrymandering.]

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