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If God Loves America

July 18, 2018

She’ll vote Democrat, come November.

I just wanted to say that.

As Comey put it yesterday, “if you care” (e.g. about children safely in the arms of their parents, safely in the arms of a just America, or about America’s assertion of an inherent human right to life, not to mention liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or about, oh, so many good things), then at this historic moment you act, to remove Republicans from positions of power.

To put it in terms that a Christian fundamentalist might understand, if eating an apple gets you thrown out of paradise, doing what Republicans are doing today should at least get you thrown out of office.

Come November 6, Being will be breathing deeply, as usual.  Coming-going, to and from the polling places, casting 10,000 votes, all nonpartisan, all democratic.  Such an archetype.

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