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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (32)

July 15, 2018


As well as continuing acts of collusion and obstruction of justice (as explained in the articles cited below: at this point to continue to deny, in words and through affirmation of Putin, is to collude and obstruct).  It’s obvious that Trompf, his people, and Republican leadership think they can get away with it.  And they think that having the power that they currently have is worth the risk.  (After all, who are they without it?  What is life worth for them without it?)

One dares call it “treason.”  Here’s an article with the key quotation, and link to the original.  Many more brave and honest hearts will soon join David Rothkopf in calling it what it is (Brennan has joined him, after P/T press conference; see article below).  (Charles M Blow makes part of the case.)

And treasonous names will soon be named.

Mueller and Rosenstein have given Trompf et al. fair warning.  In doing so, they also have given the perps a rope with which to hang themselves, by continuing their evil ways.  Their response:  continue their evil ways, in spades.  There will be hell to pay.

7-16-18  Mark Sumner (DKos) reads the entire document and discusses best case / worst case scenarios suggested on page 25 (of 29), for instance in the Florida light of what we know happened there.

Noon PDT.  I’m seeing reporting of the Putin/Trompf press conference after their secret meeting (for instance; but we can look forward to this; not).  So let’s see, let me think out loud about this (as, luckily, is both my want and my job as narrator).  Context:  to my mind it seems clear that America is under attack (re. its national security, e.g. its democracy and justice) by both a foreign authoritarian national leader and a domestic authoritarian national leader, whose interests mesh, only somewhat mysteriously.  In my pursuit of the truth of the matter, I am being offered two, mutually excluding, alternatives:  A) evidence presented within an ongoing, established process of objective investigation of reality (designed to help me overcome my biases), conducted by highly qualified professionals, for the sake of obtaining justice; B) mutual denial of guilt by the aforementioned authoritarian national leaders whose interests mesh, only somewhat mysteriously, who are suspects.

Thinking.  Okay, got it.  We are under continuous attack at the national and international levels.

Still breathing.

Dear readers in future centuries (reading, perhaps, in a climatized archive deep below the surface of one or another planet):  To me this seems like a major moment in the plot.  Something of a crisis is building.  But where can it lead to?  Ezra Klein lists the plentitude of what we know, but suggests that there may be nothing that we can do with our knowledge.  Probably you know the dénouement, especially if it turns out to have been good for democracy.  So, as a part of your good reading, please imagine what it was like to be a reader (not to mention, narrator; luckily I don’t feel as though I have to be in control of every moment) who didn’t know how the novel would end.

[Author’s note:  Contemporary readers of earlier pages know that the narrator has been wrong from time to time.  Maybe he’s wrong on this page too.  Often his mistakes result from his hormonal optimism, amounting almost to naiveté.  But he always does his best to be accurate, although he is hobbled, as compared to some of his contemporaries in the narratorial business, by his inability to lie.  He simply cannot think out loud what he doesn’t actually think.]

Hey thanks!  I think.

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