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Defeating Fascism (AS) (8) Got Angry?

July 9, 2018

If, since Trompf came to power, you have not been angry until now (to para Henry V), well now is the time and past time.  The mythic biographies of our heroes of nonviolence and the rule of love include episodes of anger, even expressed with an appropriate violence, as when Jesus exemplified the tradition of Jewish prophetic resistence to self-righteous and exploitative inequality of wealth by driving the money-changers out of the temple.  There are times when anger is appropriate.  It’s an appropriate part of the appropriate response to another person’s filthy actions.

In situations in which anger is appropriate and needed, lack of anger suggests failure of awareness, assessment, and perspective, often taking the form of enablement of an aggressor, impotence, paralysis, or self-flagellation.

Anger energizes for self-defense and justness.  In combination with reasoning, for which it signals a deep need, it can be clarifying and stabilizing, as well as sustaining.

When anger is no longer appropriate, if we have used it well we can let it go.

In Trompf, and the Republicans who made, maintain, and use him, there is much to be angry about. Among others: cruelty (inflicting personal pain for self-aggrandizement, e.g. separating immigrant children from their parents); willful, systematic and reckless depersonalization and dehumanization of women (e.g. encouraging sexual assault) and people of color (and yes, ICE is conducting a campaign of ethnic cleansing); subversion of democracy and community; termination of justice; gross financial corruption and piggery; blindness to beauty, and appallingly bad taste.  (I’m not bothering to link to examples or documentation, because by now they are myriad, and just disgustingly too ugly – see (6).)

As we move through resistance to removal from power, and from there to reaffirmation, redesign, and reconstruction of our democratic society, it would be inappropriate and self-defeating not to be angry as hell.

[Pages (1), (2), (3), (4), (5a), (5b), (6), (7) of this episode; index page to “Fascism American-Style.”]

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