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to say “No! In Thunder”

June 23, 2018

as Melville put it. Or as Emerson wrote in his journal, upon hearing of the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act:  “This filthy law.  I will not obey it.”

Government must not, ever, be allowed to separate children from parents, in the service of lust for power, authoritarianism, personal or party political advantage, lust for money, racism, xenophobia, evil—or all of the above (or anything like those), as is being done by Herr Trompf and his agents including Pence, Sessions, Miller (a “mixed-up chicken,” maybe; thanks for this, dear reader KH), Nielsen, Bannon, and ICE.

Anyway, evil or not, T and his people are insanely extreme destructive.  Look at Stephen Miller, for instance.  The face of self-inflationary nihilism.  Nothing there.  Like one who has sailed away, forever, voyaging on Flat Earth.  New moving, never moved.

The parent-child bond is the key to survival and health, and forms a foundation of our imagination of the reality in which we find ourselves.  To break it is to commit a heinous crime against humanity, conscious being, and our bond to Being, Itself.

This page marks the point in the plot line when it became indisputably clear that Herr Trompf is doing, and will do, anything he can, including a monstrous crime against humanity, to establish a fascist, racist, authoritarian regime, in the service of his personal aggrandizement.  In doing so he has the support of his fellow oligarchs, the Republicans in Congress, Putin and other dictators, and his voter base.

The man is a dictator wannabe.  He’s trying as hard as he can.  He has the vision and the self-confidence that fit the historical job description.  He feels it.  He’s close enough he can taste it.

It has been reported (links to be added later) that he told WH aids that he would rewrite U S immigration law by executive order.  They told him that it doesn’t work that way.  But hey . . . .

Can a combination of the globally ambitious and the petty cruel be stopped?

Action in the streets is planned, for June 30.  Will it be thundrous?

[Update next day:  Die feuhrer wannabe doubles down on his goal of exterminating all the brutes (aka “these people”).  If he can, he will deport everyone from anywhere in the country, without judicial process, shipping them back to the countries from which they have fled to escape violence including murder.  As Hunter puts it (dKos):

As Trump’s team pursues policies of open white nationalism, he is becoming more and more impatient with even the pretense of following U.S. laws. That, too, is part of the White House plan. Fascism requires dismantling the laws barring discrimination, expulsion and (in the case of forcibly deporting asylum-seekers back to the people they are fleeing) state-sponsored murder, and there can no longer be any debate over whether Trump, his team, and his Republican enablers are seeking precisely that. He repeats it constantly; his staff openly brags about the laws they have been able to undermine.

Politically, he believes that this hysterical policy will rile up his supporters enough to increase his power through electoral victories for racist Rs.  (Note that things will continue to get worse, until Rs are voted out of office/power.)

In the ongoing, maybe futile, wide-spread attempt to figure out how in hell people can go on supporting T, one thought is that he has created a personality cult.  Mark E. Anderson (dKos) lists some characteristics of such a cult, and examples of those in T’s supporters.   Several are religiously oriented, and in that context MEA quotes the charges recently brought against T by 600 national leaders of his denomination:

  • Child Abuse (examples: advocacy for and implementation of documented practices that indefinitely separate thousands of young children from their parents; holding thousands of children in mass incarceration facilities with little to no structured educational or socio-­‐emotional support)
  • Immorality (examples: the use of violence against children to deter immigration; advocating and supporting the separation of children from their families; refusal of refugee/asylee status to those fleeing gang or sexual violence; oppression of those seeking asylum or attempting to enter the United States with refugee status; directing employees and staff members to kidnap children from their parents)
  • Racial discrimination (examples: stopping investigations of police departments charged with racial discrimination; attempting to criminalize Black Lives Matter and other racial justice activist groups; targeting incarceration for those engaged in undocumented border crossings as well as those who present with requests for asylum, with a particular focus on those perceived as Muslim or LatinX)
  • Dissemination of doctrines contrary to the standards of doctrine of the United Methodist Church (examples: the misuse of Romans 13 to indicate the necessity of obedience to secular law, which is in stark contrast to Disciplinary commitments to supporting freedom of conscience and resistance to unjust laws

Yet it seems his supporters, far from even cringing, glory in their badboy hero who can do no wrong.  And he’s so cute!

But, altho T recently tweeted that Dems should not RESIST, la Resistance is building.  Here’s an impressive example in Portland OR, including this example of the thinking of the Owner class.]

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