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Anything Is Possible, with Chaos

June 8, 2018

Anything that is evil.

It’s the chaos theory of the nonfiction novel.

This page is simply to record the day in the plot line when it became possible the believe, even to expect, that Herr Trompf will do anything.

We’ve reached the point where wise pundits are publishing their opinions that we might not have a democracy, in the near future.  Today it is possible to believe, not just imagine, that Trompf and his Republican sponsors will end American democracy.  First, “as we have known it,” then as anyone has ever known it.  One can believe, not just imagine, that they will, not just fire Mueller, not just end the investigation, but put the DOJ entirely under control of the president.

And all that can follow, in The Mind of Trompf.  He can’t be prosecuted for obstruction of justice, because in his mind there is no such thing, as justice.  He can justify anything, even State Terrorism in the form of separation of children from their parents, to discourage asylum seekers from approaching his border.

Obstruction of sanity?  Again, no such thing.

One can believe an attempt at a military coup.  (He might call for Russian intervention on his side.  Or Chinese.  Philippine.  North Korean.)  Then a more chaotic chaos, or a kind of chaotically omnipresent Law and Order like that of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.

In the whirl of the tweet world, the authoritarian cult of personality, He might declare himself Messiah, ruling by direct Revelation.  Shocking, but not surprising.  One gets used to it.

This is not a nihilistic narratorial point of view.  It’s not about nothingness, it’s about anything and everythingness of believable possibility.  The aesthetics of nonfiction fiction is the aesthetics of fictional nonfiction and no longer requires a willing, or unwilling, suspension of disbelief.  Nothing is believable, everything is probable.

Strange contradictions of the Trompfian underworld (paraphrasing Ellison, with his allusion to Marx).

[Update 6-10-18:  Reifowitz (DKos) on the importance of R politicians bucking T’s lies.  And here’s a thought:  what if the WH staff resigned, not only out of exhaustion, frustration, and fear of damage to their reputations, but as a refusal to cooperate in the destruction of our democracy and truth?  Well, to paraphrase JFK, there will never be more horror in the WH than when Trompf is home alone.]

And a directly related page.]

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