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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (31)

May 20, 2018

Really, the purpose of this page is simply to mark this moment in the plot when everyone everywhere knows the whole character, and more than enough of the malevolent acts, of the novel’s Villain-in-Chief. His supporters and enablers deny it publicly, for a variety of personal and political, self-serving reasons. Trompf himself sounds and reads like he has a deep scratch across his entire pr*sidency. Wherever the needle hits vinyl, it skips to the default groove, “No Collusion!” That’s a term that never meant anything but now serves him as a floating anchor for his persona, and serves the rest of us as a leaden reminder of his insanity—the reality is that he “conspired against the United States.”  And continues to do so.  He’s Guilty as Charged.  Republican politicians who are trying to keep themselves in power by keeping him in position are now reduced to this defense:  Yes, he did all those things, he’s as bad as you think, probably worse even; but it doesn’t really matter. Life goes on, in this wonderful, Republican, best of all possible worlds. Mueller and the Democrats are only boat-rockers, who threaten to drown our Captain.

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