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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (30)

April 16, 2018

The Trompf Mob


I agree with Adam Davidson (NYer) that the end draweth nigh.  En effet, quoting Francis Cabrel, “Cette histoire est déja fini.”  And lies aren’t gonna get anybody out of this reckoning.

When Dick Nixon declared, “I am not a crook!” he had no idea.  We are about to find out what a crooked Pr*sident really is.  Crime, thy name is Trompf, all his life.  Thy middle name is “Sleaze.”

Therefore, because journalists for many publications (of which the handful that have been my main sources are obvious from earlier pages) have been doing an excellent, really historic, job of chronicling the characters and plot line of this episode, and because I don’t have life to waste on every twist and turn of the demise of this low-life whom a fascist Republican Party and a slew of foolish voters put into the white House, I’ll reduce my additions to this episode to the high points.  I’ll focus my attention on aspects of the novel such as archetypal psychology (e.g.) and anarchistic community (Larks!).

May 3, 2018  The Beginning of the End, Game

Seems like, with Giuliani (a blow-hard fool) and Flood (who apparently really knows what he’s doing and is highly respected as solid) taken aboard as Big Time defense lawyer-negotiators, things are taking a turn. For the better. I’ve been wrong so many times that I’ve lost count; but that won’t stop me. Here’s where I think we are now, in this wonderful plot:

Mueller knows everything. And he’s backstopped by the SDNY, who can deal with the financial crimes. Stormy Daniels will prove sleaze. M can prove conspiracy against the United States and obstruction of justice, at the least.  Plus, it’s entirely likely, perjury, if Trompf sits for an interview with either M or a grand jury.

Certain facts are now established, and known to all (but denied by the Trompf base, who are in denial, in Foxlandia): T is a Big Time crook, a mob criminal with intrntnl aspirations and pretensions; and his family and circle of friends are totally corrupt. That’s what he/they has been and what he/they is. Add, that he is increasingly crazy, really now quite obviously over the cliff, and the Rs can no longer risk keeping him. Nor can his family. The owners and managers of the Party, who are members of the intrntnl criminal oligarchy, know that T is now a liability that must be gotten rid of; so they, not T, have brought in G and F as their fixers.

The R oligarchs must get control and end T’s influence over events and processes.  He’s finished.  They’re easing him out to pasture.  It’s a question of whether they can geld him before he has to sit for questioning. The familia will retire him, while trying to save their butts. They’re all just working to get out as unscathed as possible.

There is absolutely no possibility that T himself will come through this intact.  He’s finished, except on twitter.

The big impediment to the Fix is that the Rs don’t dare dump T with the midterms coming up, because T’s base support is ALL THEY’VE GOT to campaign with. There won’t be anybody else who will vote for them in large enough numbers.

So now it’s just a matter of time, and how much damage will yet be done.

And this, just a little later.  Ah corruption.  It’s so transparent.

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