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Dream 3-26-18 6:30 a.m.

March 26, 2018

My car needed fixing, so I drove it to a combination of repair shop, used parts store, and dump for wrecked cars. There was a large parking lot that sprawled down the side of a hill. The workable cars and the hulks were parked in horizontal rows, pointing around the hill, on an uneven surface of bare ground and grassy patches. With a remarkable combination of skill and error I managed to park my large, 1960s car (reminiscent of the pink Pontiac Bonneville that I drove during the 70s) with its passenger side not only parallel to the next car downhill from it, but with their sides just touching, along their full length. There was also a bump at the right front of my car, which I had moved that corner of the car up and over, so that the wheel had settled into a shallow indentation, with the front wheels turned fully, sharply to their left. I got out and walked up the hill to the shop.

When I was back in my car, with the parts that it needed, I had to, somehow, pull out of that parking spot and away from the car beside it without scraping the sides of the cars. I pressed the gas petal to the floor and held it there, to get every bit of power that the car could produce, while I slowly engaged the clutch. With an enormous, prolonged roar, I got the car to inch up forward, while turning the wheels slowly to the right, so as to first create a few inches of space between the cars and then to align the possible motion of the tires with the direction of the thrust of the motor and rear wheels.

As I drove slowly toward the exit of the lot, I passed a young man who was a mechanic and a young woman who was waiting while her car was being fixed. Both commented on the roar that I had created, and the power of my car, how courageous I had been to try that, and how lucky it was, that I had been able to get the car out of that jam.

[Immediately previous, seemingly possibly related, in a way, dream.]

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