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The Verdict Is In (3a of X)

March 21, 2018

Charge: The voters who form the base, the quaeda, of Republican/Trompf support are:  [The Intolerables,] The Despicables, The Insatiables, The Deplorables, and The Gullibles (religious ideologues, or Randy displacement secular ideologues, and some truly hurting). Verdict: Guilty as charged.

[Update 6-26-18  Today I’m adding an über category, The Intolerables, to mark the moment in the plot when Trompf, and the members of his family and administration who do his bidding, turned their backs on universal, common humanity, and walked away.  They have left the building.   We are closing the door, and turning the lights back on.]

I’m thinking of the (I would guess) 25% of the active electorate who will not, and probably can not, detach themselves from Trompf, no matter what, and who will vote R, almost no matter what. They identify either their financial or their social selves with Trompf, and they can be counted on to rally at the polls in his defense.

As a retiring senator put it, (as reported by Sargent):

“The president is, as you know — you’ve seen his numbers among the Republican base — it’s very strong. It’s more than strong, it’s tribal in nature,” said Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., who decided to retire when his second term concludes at year’s end, after periodically sparring with Trump.

“People who tell me, who are out on trail, say, look, people don’t ask about issues anymore. They don’t care about issues. They want to know if you’re with Trump or not,” Corker added.

Jenna Johnson’s reporting of a recent T campaign rally and speech provides a Precipice Notes guide to the characteristics of these rabid fans. With material for an epic catalog, she presents the psychological image that T has invented of himself as an infallible charismatic leader, including the ideas that he wants his faithful marks to buy into. Members of the base embrace both this heroic image of themselves as righteous followers of a national savior, and his thoughts that constitute their own utopian vision of their nation. They bear his brand.

The Exemplar of The Despicables is, of course, the award-winning Hair Trompf himself, shape-shifting trickster figure par excellence. He is his #1 supporter, the biggest that the world has ever known. Conservative and liberal journalists who are excellent writers have been competing, it seems, to find the best words to express his extraordinarily awful qualities, and the danger that he poses to democracy and America. Three recent offerings:

We find ourselves at war without a commander in chief; in national mourning without a consoler in chief; and in political gridlock without a negotiator in chief. . . .But there is no depth to which Trump will not sink in defense of the only thing he holds dear: himself. . . .Did he? Did he really use dead children to attack an investigation into his campaign and his conduct in office? Yes, he did. This is a person devoid of empathy. . . .“Dereliction of duty” is not a strong enough term to describe this man’s abysmal performance.  (Marcus WaPo 2-18-18)

Witnessing Trump’s presidency unravel so spectacularly provokes a perverse joy. The venality is so baroque, the vulgarity so ostentatious, the inconsistencies so stark, the incompetence so epic and the lies so brazen, it leaves you speechless. His vanity is without guile and the scandals that embroil him without end. Almost everything he says and does has been publicly contradicted, by himself, usually on Twitter.  (Younge, Guardian, 3-15-18)

When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America . . . America will triumph over you. (tweet by John Brennan, former head of CIA, addressed to T, 3-17-18; commentary by Robinson)

As a genuine American fascist, T isn’t conducting government in the way that he has conducted his businesses, he is conducting government as one of his businesses (the biggest in history), in exactly the way he has always conducted [**] his businesses. The presidency is merely a stage on which he displays his wares, his personal despicability. At his big military parade, his salute to himself will be his triumphal Mussolini moment.

Truly. Despicable. If we need more examples, we can begin with the GOP team manager, Mitch McConnell, and a rookie, Stephen Miller. And Robert Mercer, a Despicable who prefers to manipulate populations from back-stage.

The Despicables distill America’s historical classism, sexism, racism, and general (learned and taught) sociopathic disempathy, and combine those essences into a political bomb, the way McVey did with everyday chemicals, with which to explode our social fabric and tear apart our body politic.

The main trait of the Despicables is their willingness to kill in service of their financial self-interest. They are war profiteers in every aspect of their social lives, including class warfare. They should be kept out of government. In business they should be thoroughly controlled. We must always keep in mind that these are crazy people. Out of their gourds.

With any luck, Trompf will be the only Despicable to be elected president* during my lifetime, and, I hope, my grandchildren’s. (Nixon is a candidate; but he possessed the flaw of being able to distinguish the true from the falsified, and to know that he should hide his lies. Ironically, T is pure transparency in government.)

A problem with the label, desplicable, however, is that they’re not actually worth the energy it takes to despise them. The point is to recognize that they qualify, politically overpower them, set them to the side of our lives, keep them there, and send them loving-kindness thoughts for their enlightenment.

I know it’s hard.

[** Here’s the T MO in all things Life, as quoted by Josh Marshall (TPM):

“As I’ve learned more about Trump’s business history it has reminded me of this description we got months ago from another New York real estate professional about Trump’s MO …

There is a personality type with a New York developer, one Donald learned from Fred when he carried his dad’s briefcase to acquisition meetings out in the boroughs and it goes like this:

Donald contracts for a service or good, or the acquisition of a piece of land for $1 million.

He then does not pay you

You ask Donald for your million dollars

Donald yells at you, basely, abusively, wholly out of character to the rich gentleman you broke bread with and made the deal with. He tells you that no, YOU owe him $200,000. Gives you no reason but screams how can you be such a son of a bitch to rip him off, how he’s going to sue you, expose you as a cheat, etc.

You’re off your pins, defensive. How could this be the guy who was so nice when he picked up the check at Per Se?

So, you compromise, because human nature avoids conflict, right? This is what he’s gaming you for because once you compromised, you’ve lost. You’ve inferred his premise that you have some complicity in the matter otherwise why would you compromise? You are on the defensive and will never get it back.

You offer $750,000 as a settlement, angry buy want it over and done with. He then sues you. Why, because you’ve already committed yourself to the loss. You volunteered to surrender your position and what will stop you from keeping going?

I’ve seen many a New Yorker settle things like this with Trump people for 5-10 cents on the dollar and then happy, even eager to keep doing business with them. Why? Because he got in their heads with this aggressively counterintuitive behavior.”]

[Pages (1) and (2a) and (3b) of this episode.  (Pages on the other debased, being drafted.]

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