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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (29)

March 20, 2018

The Great Stench

To high heaven. Ah, it’s The Mercers. Robert and d. Rebecca. Now, I don’t like these people, or anyone remotely similar; so we have to keep my bias in mind.

Such characters. What a rich contribution they are making to the novel, and of course the author had no idea that they would show up. On stage, like Trompf, they would have to be played by child actors. As narrator I’m emphasizing them in the international Cambridge-Analytical-Trompf-campaign scandal because it is crucial, in defense of democracy and human rights, to call out, by name, the individual violators of human dignity and integrity.

Well it’s the Age of Predation, big-data time.

To get us started on this one, here’s an “everything you need to know” (as of 3-19, with links to updates, at bottom of page) by Philip Bump.  And a terrific article about the whistleblower, Christopher Wylie, by Craig Timberg, Karla Adam, et al. (WaPo).

NYT is doing a good job of developing this part of the plot line:

3-17  “How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions

3-19  “Cambridge Analytica, Trump-Tied Political Firm, Offered to Entrap Politicians

3-23  “Bolton Was Early Beneficiary of Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook Data”

3-25  “Whistle-blower Contends That Data-Mining Swung Brexit Referendum”

3-27  “Peter Thiel Employee Helped Cambridge Analytica Before It Harvested Data”  I.e.  “Big Daddy” was (secretly) watching you:  Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Palantir (Peter Thiel, who, btw, was a mentor of the author of Hillbilly Elegy), even a touch of Google, a Russian-American psychologist, and your very own psychographic profile (which maybe was worth more than you were—don’t you wish you could read it. Know thyself, and btw be true to that).

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