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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (27)

March 17, 2018

Mueller approaches the Red Line.

I’m running behind in this episode, but this moment deserves to open a new page, so I’m jumping ahead (and will fill in). Hair Trompf has stated (in July ’17 interview with NYT) that any investigation of his family finances would be crossing a red line into the out-of-bounds. Et voilà, NYT breaks news that M has subpoenaed docs from the Trump Organization, which runs the Trompf businesses.  Here’s an NYT explanation of the Russia connections (and possible conflicts of interest)—and also big, ANY financial crime that M uncovers is fair game!  Waldman (WaPo) says M is “peeling back the layers” (torture is also back in the news; T must be feeling it).

Trompf’s brief time is speeding up and will run out. Meanwhile, practice your breathing, and send T loving-kindness thoughts for enlightenment.  Things are going to get worse. That’s what things do with a Trompf in the presidency. They get worse. At this moment we’re far from seeing the worst, but we might well see it before much longer. If anyone reads this novel, in say a year from now, on this page they’ll likely know what the worst turned out to be. Oh lordy.

And meanwhile Trompf is such a terrific villain. He constantly moves the plot along, building the suspense, and raising the stakes. It’s exciting to be a narrator, when the author doesn’t know when the crisis will arrive, or what form(s) it will take. As for the dénouement, lots o’ luck with that.  3-18 Mark Sumner explains that the constitutional crisis for our democracy is already upon us.

Ha.  In a real stinker, T has USAG Sessions fire Andrew McCabe, whom T had been taunting and threatening for several months, at 10 pm, two days before McC will turn 50 and retire with benefits earned (and S may have committed obstruction of justice by following orders).  At midnight T tweets triumphantly, showing again how readily he incriminates himself (Rubin).

Later that morning, T’s lawyer, sounding like he’s channeling his boss, says it’s time to end the investigation.  Is M in line to be fired, before long, or are T and his people preparing to manage the results of the investigation?? When M indicted the Russians, it seemed as though that made it unlikely that T would fire him, in view of his definitely conductinging a legit investigation that was showing results and should not be interrupted. But now?

Well, McC fights back:  This attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally, but to taint the FBI, law enforcement and intelligence professionals more generally,” McCabe said in a statement released shortly after Sessions announced his decision. “It is part of this administration’s ongoing war on the FBI and the efforts of the special counsel investigation, which continue to this day. Their persistence in this campaign only highlights the importance of the special counsel’s work.”  Here’s the full statement.  It’s quite good.  I still think the “national intelligence community” (not the “deep state,” but the pro-democracy elite, many of them Conservative, patriotic, Republicans) will take T down.

(more coming)

If I were a betting narrator, here’s what I would bet, at the end of today (3-18-18):  T will fire M, soon.  Why?  Before he entered politics, Donald John Trump was a vilely amoral person.  No moral compass and no anchor of truth and integrity.  Just a sail of self-interest, running with the shifting winds of opportunity and connivance.  The thrill of the hunt and the conquest.  He fancied himself a Conquistador Master and Commander of an armed pirate merchant ship, loaded with treasure.  A swashbuckler ever at sea.  When he entered politics, he conducted his campaign in the way he had conducted his businesses.  As president* he conducts the U S government as one of his businesses, the biggest ever, a conglomerate, on the way to monopoly, in exactly the way he has conducted all of his businesses.  If M investigates his business adventures, T will take that as a personal insult, and the deepest of personal threats.  If M reveals the truth of Trompf, he’ll show the golden tower to be a political, financial, and personal deck of jokers.  So T has been aching to fire M since the day M was appointed to be his nemesis.  One day soon the impulse to just go ahead and relieve the ego pressure will overwhelm him, and he will feel the excitement of infallible intuition in his gut.  With a grand, decisive, throw of the die, he will march his private army of Republicans, sycophants, and base across his personal Rubicon, and dare the Republic to stop him.  I’m not betting on whether we can.

And actually, I’m not a betting narrator, I’m just guessing about the plot.  Well I guess, but I just don’t know.

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